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Archaeologists Prove Bible Historically Accurate. Again. CREATIVE MINORITY REPORT - August 4, 2017 ... pottery while digging in the City of David in Jerusalem. The find provides evidence that the Babylonians 'burned all the houses of Jerusalem', described in the book of Jeremiah. Researchers from the Israel Antiquities Authority found the artifacts beneath layers of rock in the City of David – along with jars with seals which enabled the researchers to date the artifacts. 'These seals are characteristic of the end of the First Temple Period,' said Dr Joe Uziel of the Israel Antiquities ...

2+2=4 Is Settled Science. "Football Causes CTE" Is Not.* THECHURCHMILITANT - July 27, 2017 From Eric Adelson of Yahoo Sports (a website worthy of your patronage): Why the latest round of daunting CTE reports should come with an asterisk ... Kutcher isn't alone in his caution. This summer, Yahoo Sports interviewed dozens of doctors, from neuropathologists to neuropsychologists to physical therapists, and the response was overwhelming: We just don't know enough yet about CTE to make any conclusions . That sounds like a scientist.

Want more Trump? Nebraska Democratic Party official won't resign after ... LEX COMMUNIS - June 18, 2017 Want more Trump? Nebraska Democratic Party official won't resign after calling reactions to shooting at GOP baseball practice 'so funny' We can play the equivalence game. Sure, some Republican yahoo somewhere once said something bad. But that misses the point - this kind of ugly thinking is normative in parts of the leftist coalition. I'm sure that there are people in the Democrat party who are not comfortable with this, and, if so, they won't remain Democrats much longer.

Wow. Kathy Griffin Becomes "Victim" of Trump Awfully Quick CREATIVE MINORITY REPORT - June 2, 2017 ... Do About It." : Kathy Griffin and attorney Lisa Bloom have scheduled a press conference on Friday where Griffin will elaborate on her decision to do a photo shoot in which she held up a bloody prop that resembled Donald Trump's severed head. In a press announcement she posted on Twitter, Bloom said that she and Griffin will "explain the true motivation behind the image, and respond to the bullying from the Trump family she has endured." After she posted images from ...

No es el "humo de Satanás"; incendio cerca al Vaticano And I ... SECRETUM MEUM MIHI - June 1, 2017 No es el "humo de Satanás"; incendio cerca al Vaticano And I just heard an explosion. Fire at the Vatican?— Mountain Butorac (@MountainButorac) June 1, 2017 Información de La Nación de Buenos Aires vía Yahoo News, Jun-01-2017.Se incendió un depósito de autos en Roma y el humo afectó al Vaticano Un gran incendio en un depósito de autos se desató hoy en Roma, lo que