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A Problem FR HUNWICKE'S MUTUAL ENRICHMENT - August 18, 2017 Hmmmmph. A Problem. Some time ago I ran into a friend I had not seem for some time. In the course of conversation, he communicated to me the information that the Conclave for the election of the next Pope will take place in October. He was taciturn, but confident, about his sources. Well, there you go. My own instinct had been that the present occupant of the Roman See would carry on as long as

A Warning From Cardinal Burke TEA AT TRIANON - August 17, 2017 From Life Site : To treat every word uttered by the Pope as if it were official Church teaching would be to fall into an "idolatry of the papacy," said Cardinal Raymond Burke in a recent address at a Catholic conference in Kentucky. The Cardinal, who spoke at the July 22 "Church Teaches Forum" in Louisville, said that Catholics seeking to remain true to Christ and the Church he founded must learn to discern between the "words of the man who ...

How the Pope's Paraguay Trip Inspired a Children's Charity EWTN NEWS - AMERICAS CATHOLIC NEWS - August 17, 2017 Asunción, Paraguay, Aug 17, 2017 / 01:03 am ( EWTN News/CNA ).- In the wake of Pope Francis' 2015 trip to Paraguay, a local charity was founded in order to help feed dozens of children whose parents struggle to make ends meet.

Why the only future worth building includes everyone Pope Francis ANDY'S BLOG - August 17, 2017 Why the only future worth building includes everyone Pope Francis

Cardinal Burke Outlines Formal Correction of Pope Francis' Teaching NATIONAL CATHOLIC REGISTER BLOGGERS FEED FROM EDWARD PENTIN - August 16, 2017 By Edward Pentin In a new interview, Cardinal Raymond Burke has said it is "now necessary" that a declaration be issued on key areas of Church doctrine that are "not clear" in Pope Francis' teachings. The Holy Father will then be "obliged to...

Pope Prays for Victims, Rescue Workers of Sierra Leone Mudslide EWTN NEWS - VATICAN NEWS - August 16, 2017 Vatican City, Aug 16, 2017 / 08:54 am ( EWTN News/CNA ).- With hundreds dead and nearly 600 more still missing as a result of a giant mudslide that ravished Sierra Leone's capital, Pope Francis has prayed for the victims, their families and rescue workers providing relief to those affected.

A Deeper Look at the Controversy Over Converts Who Criticize the Pope WHERE THE RUBBER HITS THE ROAD - August 16, 2017 A deeper look at the controversy over converts who criticize the pope National Catholic Reporter

SJW Here, SJW There, SJWs Everywhere THE NEW BEGINNING - August 16, 2017 Makes one wonder if these bishops imagine themselves to be Pope Gregory VII.

In Christ, Mary Brings New Joy and Meaning to Mankind, Pope Says EWTN NEWS - VATICAN NEWS - August 15, 2017 Vatican City, Aug 15, 2017 / 05:26 am ( EWTN News/CNA ).- On the Feast of the Assumption, Pope Francis said that in bringing Christ to the world, Mary also provides the joy and grace of her Son, which not only sustain us in difficulty, but are primarily intended for the weak and humble.

Pope Francis and the New Corporal Work of Mercy?! CATHOLICISM FOR EVERYONE - August 15, 2017 I was at Mass on Sunday and one of the prayer intentions was to join in with Pope Francis who wants us to add a new work of mercy. I forget if it's classified under corporal or spiritual. But he wants to add a couple. One has to do with sharing resources with the less fortunate or something and the other is about protecting mother earth. All I could do was sigh. Pope Francis is such an activist pope. He can't just ...

One More Time !!! GLORIA OLIVAE - August 14, 2017 ... Sunday in ordinary time appropriately applies to the Church today that claims to be Catholic. All boats without Christ will necessarily sink. And the Vatican church under Pope Francis should have sunk by now......unless something like what happened in the Gospel happen to her before the boat completely sinks. 2. God is not in the boat? Many cannot imagine God leaving the Catholic Church. Why not? God left the Ark of the Covenant and Holy of Holies of the Jews. ...

Trust in Christ – Not in Horoscopes, Pope Francis Says EWTN NEWS - VATICAN NEWS - August 13, 2017 Vatican City, Aug 13, 2017 / 05:41 am ( EWTN News/CNA ).- On Sunday Pope Francis repeated a message he often has, warning against putting one's trust in horoscopes and fortune telling rather than Christ, who is the only true security that gets us through times of trial and darkness.

Belgian Charity Board Member Appears to Defy Pope's Anti-Euthanasia Order NATIONAL CATHOLIC REGISTER BLOGGERS FEED FROM EDWARD PENTIN - August 13, 2017 By Edward Pentin A prominent Belgian figure and board member of a Catholic charity which Pope Francis last week ordered to cease offering euthanasia in its 15 psychiatric hospitals appears to be defying the order. Herman Van Rompuy, a former...

Pope Francis Adds New Pathway to Sainthood, Mixing Martyrdom and Devoutness WHERE THE RUBBER HITS THE ROAD - August 13, 2017 Pope Francis adds new pathway to sainthood, mixing martyrdom and devoutness National Post

St Maximilian Kolbe: An "Offering of Life" CATHOLIC COMMENTARY - August 13, 2017 Some spirited remarks about St Maximilian Kolbe in this morning's homily have reminded me to place alongside each other the text of Pope St John Paul II's homily at the canonisation Mass for the saint (Italian original here , English translation here ) and Pope Francis' recent motu proprio Maiorem Hac Dilectionem establishing the offer of life as a cause for beatification. Speaking of the event of St Maximilian's death, Pope St John Paul ...

Prayer: Pope Francis IGNATIAN SPIRITUALITY: SET THE WORLD ABLAZE - August 13, 2017 Being a Christian is not just following the commandments; it means being in Christ, thinking like him, acting like him, loving like him. It means letting him take possessions of our lives and change them, transform them, free them from the darkness of evil and sin.

Pope Orders Religious Order to Stop Offering Euthanasia in Their Hospitals WHERE THE RUBBER HITS THE ROAD - August 12, 2017 Pope orders religious order to stop offering euthanasia in their hospitals--Aleteia

Pope Orders Belgian Religious Group to Stop Offering Euthanasia to Patients EWTN NEWS - VATICAN NEWS - August 10, 2017 Vatican City, Aug 10, 2017 / 11:17 am ( EWTN News/CNA ).- Pope Francis is cracking down on a Belgian Brothers of Charity-run organization, giving the group until the end of August to stop offering euthanasia to patients in their psychiatric centers.

Vatican: Pope Orders Belgian Catholic Charity to Cease Offering Euthanasia NATIONAL CATHOLIC REGISTER BLOGGERS FEED FROM EDWARD PENTIN - August 10, 2017 By Edward Pentin The Vatican confirmed today that Pope Francis has ordered a Belgian Catholic charity to stop offering euthanasia in its psychiatric hospitals. In May, the Brothers of Charity group, the charitable arm of the Brothers of Charity...

Pope Francis to Belgian Catholics: Stop Offering Euthanasia WHERE THE RUBBER HITS THE ROAD - August 10, 2017 Pope Francis to Belgian Catholics: Stop offering euthanasia CTV News

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