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Longing for a Home - Easter Reflections From Andrew Peterson (Christian Singer/Songwriter) DE LA MENNAIS BROTHERS: WEAVING A TAPESTRY OF RELATIONSHIPS  - March 24, 2016

Well-Being vs. Well-Feeling: On Defining True Happiness CRISIS MAGAZINE - February 9, 2016 ... virtue and good fortune. Yet, if you look at virtually all of the self-help books about "happiness" on Amazon, they are mostly about trying to stimulate, bring on, manipulate, or otherwise engineer a good feeling, and for as long as possible. One needn't be virtuous, but instead one must learn how to manage oneself, how to engage in behaviors that stimulate feeling good. The philosophy behind contemporary ideas about happiness is materialist behaviorism. We are simply pleasure machines in need ...

Fr. Cipolla Responds to Ross Douthat SAINT LOUIS CATHOLIC - January 15, 2016

OP-ED: "To Ross Douthat, With Affectionate Correction", by Fr. Richard Cipolla - Church Crisis, the True Battle, and Sac RORATE CÆLI - January 15, 2016 To Ross Douthat, With Affectionate Correction Fr. Richard G. Cipolla, DPhil Paolo Veronese - The Wedding Feast at Cana (1563) - Musée du Louvre It is certainly true, as has been observed on Rorate Caeli , that Ross Douthat's Erasmus Lecture for First Things has caused quite a stir in traditional Catholic circles. Msgr. Pope's article bemoaning the lack of growth in the presence of the Traditional Mass in the Church has also gained the attention of Traditional ...