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Worth a Thousand Words: Court of Lions HAPPY CATHOLIC* - June 8, 2017 ourt of the Lions, Alhambra, Granada, is the epicentre of the greatest concentration of high Islamic art, through which runs the perpetual trickle of water that Moslems thought essential to architecture. This photo is nowhere near the quality that is featured in Art: A New History, but it gives a flavor of the delight I felt upon seeing the image in the book. I absolutely loved the idea of water being a part of the architecture of a building. The second feature ...

My Latest Stained Glass Reflection Photography Mosaics PRINTS OF GRACE - May 25, 2017 This piece I created using photo images of the stained glass windows at our church as they were reflected in the Baptismal font. I cropped, flipped, turned, and twisted the images, using them like pieces of a mosaic to create this design. This piece is also created using portions of the stained glass reflections and elongating them to create a different visual effect. I added the two borders to compliment the colors already wavering in the water. To create ...

Let the Easter Season Begin: Holy Saturday, the Vigil of the Triduum Continuum PRINTS OF GRACE - May 1, 2017

"The Light of Christ!" MY WAY GOD'S WAY - April 14, 2017