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Please! HELP! FR HUNWICKE'S MUTUAL ENRICHMENT - May 25, 2017 I have a recollection that, at one point, Paul VI wished to add to a Vatican II document a statement that the Pope was not subject to any superior authority, but he was (successfully) resisted by the Business Managers of the Council on the grounds that he was subject to Scripture, Tradition, previous Councils, previous popes. Can anybody point to a reference?

Papal Audience TEA AT TRIANON - May 25, 2017 ... Trump, accompanied the President to the high-profile engagement, and both chose to honour the traditional Vatican dress codes by wearing black, long sleeved dresses and veils - the former even choosing to honour her host nation by wearing Italian label Dolce and Gabbana. I t was a somewhat unexpected move, especially given recent news that Pope Francis is keen to relax the strict dress codes to which women must conform to when attending private papal audiences. (Read more .) ...

Pope Francis, Trump Hold Landmark First Meeting EWTN NEWS - VATICAN NEWS - May 24, 2017 Vatican City, May 24, 2017 / 03:48 am ( EWTN News/CNA ).- After months of anticipation, Pope Francis and U.S. President Donald Trump finally met at the Vatican Wednesday in a friendly encounter which included an emphasis on protection of life and freedom of conscience.

The Trumps at the Vatican THE NEW BEGINNING - May 24, 2017 The ladies adhering to the traditional dress code .

President Trump Meets Pope Francis KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS LATIN MASS - May 24, 2017 Vatican Pool - Corbis via Getty Images

Melania Trump Says She's Catholic SANCTE PATER - May 24, 2017 Pope Francis blessed a rosary as first lady Melania Trump held it in her hand Wednesday, during a meeting at the Vatican; can reveal that she is a practicing Catholic By David Martosko ( The Daily Mail ) When Melania Trump recited The Lord's Prayer before a Melbourne, Florida presidential rally in February, the Internet went hog wild. Now we know one reason why the first lady began with 'Let us pray' and 'Our Father who art in heaven' when she introduced ...

Pope Francis: Even in the Darkest Moments, Jesus Walks With Us EWTN NEWS - VATICAN NEWS - May 24, 2017 Vatican City, May 24, 2017 / 09:39 am ( EWTN News ).- On Wednesday Pope Francis said that no matter what trials we might face, we have hope because Jesus is always by our side, just like he was for the disciples on the road to Emmaus.

Ma and Pa Trump Go to the Vatican ABBEY ROADS - May 24, 2017 The Trumps met the Pope today. Dour and sour formal photos are swirling around online, but if you look more closely - or Google a larger selection, the meeting and greeting with the Holy Father was cordial and warm. Melania even joked with the Pope. She looked beautiful as ever. After greeting the president of Bambino Gesu hospital, who accompanied Melania Trump on her visit, she laid flowers at the feet of a statue of Our Lady, made the sign of the Cross, and paused silently before Mary. ...

Pope Francis to Nuns: Your Joy Can Change the World EWTN NEWS - VATICAN NEWS - May 23, 2017 Vatican City, May 23, 2017 / 12:19 pm ( EWTN News/CNA ).- Women who are consecrated to God live "the prophecy of joy," and this authentic joy is their most credible witness, Pope Francis told leaders of the Sister Disciples of the Divine Master on Monday.

Here's the Plan for Melania and Ivanka's Day in Rome EWTN NEWS - WORLD CATHOLIC NEWS - May 23, 2017 Rome, Italy, May 23, 2017 / 04:18 pm ( EWTN News/CNA ).- When U.S. President Donald Trump stops in Rome for a meeting with Pope Francis Wednesday, both his wife Melania and daughter Ivanka will have their own schedules, which include stops at a Vatican hospital and a roundtable on human trafficking.

Vatican Astronomer: If You're Afraid of Science, You Don't Have Faith WHERE THE RUBBER HITS THE ROAD - May 22, 2017 Vatican astronomer: If you're afraid of science, you don't have faith :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)

Pope Francis' Newest Cardinals Show a Global Church EWTN NEWS - VATICAN NEWS - May 22, 2017 Vatican City, May 22, 2017 / 04:08 pm ( EWTN News/CNA ).- Only seven months after Pope Francis' last consistory, he will create five new cardinals in June. He continues a pattern of finding cardinals at the peripheries of the world, from dioceses which have not traditionally had a cardinal.

What Common Ground Could Trump and Pope Francis Find? EWTN NEWS - VATICAN NEWS - May 22, 2017 Vatican City, May 22, 2017 / 01:02 pm ( EWTN News/CNA ).- When Pope Francis was asked last week about his upcoming meeting with U.S. president Donald Trump, he made headlines for answering that he always tries to look for common ground.

Ahead of Vatican Visit, Former Nuncio Welcomes Trump's Pro-Life Record NATIONAL CATHOLIC REGISTER BLOGGERS FEED FROM EDWARD PENTIN - May 22, 2017 By Edward Pentin As President Donald Trump prepares to meet Pope Francis tomorrow morning, a former apostolic nuncio to the United States has welcomed the president's pro-life record so far although he hopes he will change his campaign position...

Pope Francis Announces New June 28 Consistory EWTN NEWS - VATICAN NEWS - May 21, 2017 Vatican City, May 21, 2017 / 05:56 am ( EWTN News/CNA ).- During his Regina Coeli address Sunday, Pope Francis announced to pilgrims that he will be holding a June 28 consistory to create 5 new cardinals he said represent the "catholicity" of the Church.

Always Act With Gentleness and Respect, Pope Francis Says EWTN NEWS - VATICAN NEWS - May 21, 2017 Vatican City, May 21, 2017 / 12:20 pm ( EWTN News/CNA ).- During a visit to a Roman parish Sunday, Pope Francis repeated his frequent condemnation of gossip, telling the congregation instead to always treat others with gentleness and respect, as the Holy Spirit does.

Pope Prays for Victims of Spiked Violence in Central African Republic EWTN NEWS - VATICAN NEWS - May 21, 2017 Vatican City, May 21, 2017 / 07:10 am ( EWTN News/CNA ).- On Sunday Pope Francis offered his prayer and support for victims of a recent jump in violence in the Central African Republic, repeating his frequent call for the use of dialogue, rather than weapons, to solve conflicts.

Gingrich's Appointment As Vatican Ambassador Gets Mixed Reviews: One Noted Expert on U.S.-Vatican Relations Said Gingric WHERE THE RUBBER HITS THE ROAD - May 20, 2017 Gingrich's appointment as Vatican ambassador gets mixed reviews National Catholic Reporter

It's Official: Callista Gingrich to Be Trump's Vatican Ambassador WHERE THE RUBBER HITS THE ROAD - May 20, 2017 It's official: Callista Gingrich to be Trump's Vatican ambassador

Proposed Ukrainian Bills Prompt Summons to Vatican BYZANTINE, TEXAS - May 20, 2017 ( Sputnik News ) - In an unprecedented sign of inter-faith solidarity, Ukraine's Ambassador to the Vatican has been summoned by Pope Francis over a new bill by Ukrainian lawmakers which would impose discriminatory restrictions against the Moscow branch of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. On Thursday, Ukrainian lawmakers delayed voting on two bills which would impose severe restrictions on the Moscow Patriarchate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, a major religious ...

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