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What Do Catholics and Eastern Orthodox Disagree About, Anyway? EWTN NEWS - VATICAN NEWS - June 30, 2016 Vatican City, Jun 30, 2016 / 04:08 am ( EWTN News/CNA ).- With the Eastern Orthodox wrapping up their "pan-Orthodox Council" this past weekend, it might be a good time to take a look at the factors that separate Catholics from their sister Churches in the east.

Development (4) FR HUNWICKE'S MUTUAL ENRICHMENT - June 30, 2016 How to discern the ministry of S John XXIII and S John Paul II in the life of the Church of today? I would give my own answer in the phrase eodem sensu eademque sententia. Derived by S Vincent of Lerins from the text of S Paul, it was used by B Pius IX, incorporated in the decree on the papal ministry at Vatican I, and contained in the anti-modernist oath. Very significantly, it was used by S

Mercy Without Works Is Dead, Pope Francis Says EWTN NEWS - VATICAN NEWS - June 30, 2016 Vatican City, Jun 30, 2016 / 06:10 am ( EWTN News/CNA ).- In his Jubilee general audience for the month of June, Pope Francis focused his speech on the works of mercy and how to put them into action. He also gave thanks for his recent visit to Armenia, and spoke of his coming trips to Georgia and Azerbaijan.

"La gota china", el método por el cual Francisco se deshace de ... SECRETUM MEUM MIHI - June 30, 2016 "La gota china", el método por el cual Francisco se deshace de las cabezas curiales Cardenales y otros integrantes de la Curia Romana esperan la llegada de Francisco al tradicional saludo papal navideño a la Curia. Ciudad del Vaticano, Dic-21-2015. © AFP Al vaticanista Francesco Peloso se le lee habitualmente en un medio tipicamente bergogliano, Vatican Insider, es decir, un medio en el cual la

"More Than in the Vatican Gardens, With Their Beauty..." SPIKE IS BEST - June 29, 2016 your goodness is the place where I dwell: I feel protected." Pope Emeritus Benedict loves this Pope too, and thinks this Pope is leading us on the right path, to Jesus, to God. The transubstantiation of the world. The Church is making all things new. H/T: Dr. Dawn Eden Goldstein

Prayer Is the 'Way Out' of a Closed Heart and Mind, Pope Francis Says EWTN NEWS - VATICAN NEWS - June 29, 2016 Vatican City, Jun 29, 2016 / 04:15 am ( EWTN News/CNA ).- On Wednesday Pope Francis gave 25 new archbishops the pallium, encouraging them to remain strong in prayer, which he said helps in staying open to God's surprises, rather than closing in on oneself.

Pope Francis Mourns Victims of 'Heinous' Attack on Istanbul Airport EWTN NEWS - VATICAN NEWS - June 29, 2016 Vatican City, Jun 29, 2016 / 05:30 am ( EWTN News/CNA ).- During his Wednesday Angelus address Pope Francis offered prayers for the victims of Tuesday's deadly attack on an Istanbul airport, asking that God would convert the hearts of those who choose violence.

CWR: Revisiting the The Catholic Enlightenment by Dr. Leroy Huizenga ... THE NEW BEGINNING - June 29, 2016 ... Enlightenment by Dr. Leroy Huizenga Ulrich L. Lehner's new book on a mostly forgotten and misunderstood era reveals how much the post-Vatican II era resembles the post-Tridentine era. It's not just an era of change, but a change of eras. The world is moving fast, and the Church struggles to keep up, with many churchmen questioning whether she ought to try to keep up at all while others readily put their foot on the Barque of Peter's throttle. Meanwhile, mighty tensions exist ...

Former Pope Benedict Makes Rare Appearance With Successor Francis SANCTE PATER - June 28, 2016 Former pope Benedict (R) is greeted by Pope Francis during a ceremony to mark his 65th anniversary of ordination to the priesthood at the Vatican June 28, 2016. Osservatore Romano/Handout via Reuters VATICAN CITY ( Reuters ) - Former pope Benedict made one of his rare public appearances on Tuesday to be feted by his successor Pope Francis, two days after Francis denied reports that Benedict was still exercising influence in the ...

Catholic, Orthodox Churches United by Mercy, Pope Says EWTN NEWS - VATICAN NEWS - June 28, 2016 Vatican City, Jun 28, 2016 / 12:46 pm ( EWTN News/CNA ).- Catholic and Orthodox Churches find unity in God's mercy and in the responsibility to spread the Gospel, Pope Francis said Tuesday to a delegation from the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople.

Benedict XVI to Francis: 'Your Goodness Is a Place Where I Feel Protected' EWTN NEWS - VATICAN NEWS - June 28, 2016 Vatican City, Jun 28, 2016 / 07:27 am ( EWTN News/CNA ).- On Tuesday Benedict XVI gave his second public speech since his final day as Pope, expressing gratitude for a lengthy priesthood and for Pope Francis' "goodness," which he said moves him deeply.

1 July 2016, to Abstain or Not to Abstain? RORATE CÆLI - June 28, 2016 ... stick purely to 1962 have no challenges when it comes to the TLM and the corresponding discipline of the day. For instance, many of the collects of the TLM during Lent reference the ongoing fast, referring to the 40 day fast that was mandatory in 1962 (and centuries prior), only to be whittled down to two days following the Second Vatican Council. Fasting the 40 weekdays of Lent while attending the TLM avoids any contradictions between the propers and liberalizations enacted ...

The Rise and Fall of Pope Francis SUNLIT UPLANDS - June 28, 2016 ... effort to calm the storm. As the whole world knows by now, during rambling remarks at a "pastoral conference" for priests of the Diocese of Rome at Saint John Lateran on June 16, Francis declared that " the great majority of our sacramental marriages are null " because the spouses "don't know what they say" when they say "Yes, for life." But Francis is also "sure" that couples in the countryside of northeast Argentina who cohabit out of the husband's superstitious fear of marriage vows, ...

Pope Francis 'Angry' Over Media Slant on Women Deacons EWTN NEWS - VATICAN NEWS - June 27, 2016 Vatican City, Jun 27, 2016 / 02:20 pm ( EWTN News/CNA ).- Pope Francis told journalists on Sunday that he was somewhat angered when reports emerged that the Church was allegedly paving the way for the ordination of women to the diaconate, since no such change is in the works.

Pope Francis Is Crazy THE FIFTH COLUMN - June 27, 2016

For the Record: Msgr. Gherardini: "Vatican II Must Be Debated" MUSINGS OF A PERTINACIOUS PAPIST - June 26, 2016 Via Fr. Z on FB I learned of this book, a sequel to Gherardini's earlier The Ecumenical Council Vatican II: A Debate to be Opened (2009, Italian). The new book is called Vatican Council II: A Debate That Has Not Taken Place . Fr. Z. shared the following article: " Vatican II must be debated: Gherardini " [Advisory: Rules ##7-9 ]. It's hardly news, given the date, but another significant voice in an ongoing discussion highly pertinent to ...

El Papa sobre la Brexit: no a la balcaniazación, pero sirve una ... SECRETUM MEUM MIHI - June 26, 2016 El Papa sobre la Brexit: no a la balcaniazación, pero sirve una nueva Unión Europea © EFE Habíamos anotado más temprano que todavía no había aparecido el primer reporte sobre la rueda de prensa que Francisco concedió en el vuelo de regreso de Armenia a Roma. Pues bien, este es el primero de ellos. Información de Vatican Insider, Jun-26-2016, firma Andrea Tornielli.El Papa sobre la Brexit: no a

UK Prelate Responds to Brexit Results With Call to Remember Society's Vulnerable EWTN NEWS - VATICAN NEWS - June 24, 2016 Vatican City, Jun 24, 2016 / 05:18 am ( EWTN News/CNA ).- After Britain's passing of the historic referendum to withdraw from the European Union, the UK's leading prelate stressed the need to continue working with the international community, and to ensure that the vulnerable in society remain protected.

Song Sung at Vatican: "Bend Over, Let Us See You Shake Your Tail Feathers" CONNECTICUT CATHOLIC CORNER - June 22, 2016 I'll let this speak for its self... *note the 2:23 mark Nothing like hearing "bend over, let us see you shake your tail feathers " sung at the Vatican for our Holy Father who then tells them " you are doing great things ". Hey, I'm all for wanting people to smile, but where is the DIGNITY and REVERENCE once known to the Vatican? I expect better from Christ's Holy Catholic Church. Perhaps I have my standards set too high for this papacy. God give me strength. ...

Vatican Not Backing Away From 'Genocide' but Pushing Beyond It WHERE THE RUBBER HITS THE ROAD - June 22, 2016 Vatican not backing away from 'genocide' but pushing beyond it - Crux

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