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Why Famed Atheist Stephen Hawking Is on a Pontifical Academy EWTN NEWS - VATICAN NEWS - December 2, 2016 Vatican City, Dec 2, 2016 / 05:35 am ( EWTN News/CNA ).- Stephen Hawking's visit to the Vatican this week has raised curiosity, with some asking what exactly the famed astrophysicist and self-proclaimed atheist was doing in the heart of the Catholic Church.

Pope Dedicates December to Praying for End to Child Soldiers EWTN NEWS - VATICAN NEWS - December 2, 2016 Vatican City, Dec 2, 2016 / 06:15 am ( EWTN News/CNA ).- In his latest prayer video, which highlights his prayer intention for the month of December, Pope Francis focused on putting an end to the phenomenon of child-soldiers, which he called a "form of slavery."

Vatican Foundation Exploring Pros, Cons of New Technologies WHERE THE RUBBER HITS THE ROAD - December 1, 2016 Vatican foundation exploring pros, cons of new technologies :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)

Available From Ignatius Press: "Last Testament in His Own Words" by Benedict XVI, With Peter Seewald INSIGHT SCOOP THE IGNATIUS PRESS BLOG - December 1, 2016 ... he dismantled it - His alleged Nazi upbringing - His attempts at cleaning up the "dirt in the church" (clerical sexual abuse) - The mysterious private secretary "Gorgeous George" On a more personal level he writes with great warmth of his successor Pope Francis, who he admits has a popular touch, a star quality which he has lacked. Much controversy still surrounds Pope Benedict's Papacy--in this book he addresses these controversies and reveals how at his late age, governing and reforming the ...

Interesting Input From VERY IMPORTANT Vatican Official CATHOLICISM FOR EVERYONE - December 1, 2016 The head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller, has issued his take on the "dubia" controversy and it's encouraging in my opinion.

Society Needs Priests 'Enamored' With the Gospel, Pope Francis Says EWTN NEWS - VATICAN NEWS - December 1, 2016 Vatican City, Dec 1, 2016 / 07:02 am ( EWTN News/CNA ).- In his message for the 2017 World Day of Prayer for Vocations, Pope Francis focused on the need to be "missionary disciples" who first fall in love with God, and are then propelled into action, zealously spreading the Good News they have heard.

Pope Francis Meets Martin Scorsese, Director of 'Silence,' at Vatican EWTN NEWS - VATICAN NEWS - November 30, 2016 Vatican City, Nov 30, 2016 / 11:16 am ( EWTN News/CNA ).- On Wednesday, Pope Francis added world famous director Martin Scorsese to the list of Hollywood stars he has welcomed for a private meeting in the Vatican, following an official Rome preview of Scorsese's new film "Silence."

Vatican Foundation Exploring Pros, Cons of New Technologies EWTN NEWS - VATICAN NEWS - November 30, 2016 Vatican City, Nov 30, 2016 / 05:04 am ( EWTN News/CNA ).- Alongside the various technological advances booming throughout the world, the digital age has also brought with it questions as to exactly what effect these new technologies are having on the global market, particularly when it comes to jobs.

Vatican Christmas Tree to Be Lit Up on 9 December CLERICAL WHISPERS - November 30, 2016 The Vatican will illuminate the St Peter's Square Christmas tree, and crib, at 16.30 on Friday 9 December. This year's tree is a 25-m tall spruce from the Trento region of northern Italy. It will be decorated with 18,000 lights alongside handmade ornaments featuring designs made by children undergoing treatment for cancer and other illnesses in Italy. This year the Vatican's giant nativity scene will comprise 17 statues dressed in traditional Maltese ...

Vatican Judge Says Cardinal-Critics of Pope Could Lose Red Hats WHERE THE RUBBER HITS THE ROAD - November 30, 2016 Vatican judge says cardinal-critics of pope could lose red hats

Pope Francis Enjoys 'Very Cordial' Meeting With Martin Scorsese in Vatican CLERICAL WHISPERS - November 30, 2016 ... with director Martin Scorsese, whose new film, Silence, about Jesuit missionaries in 17th-century Japan, was screened this week in Rome. The Vatican says that during the Pontiff's "very cordial" meeting on Wednesday with Scorsese, Francis mentioned he had read the novel on which the film is based. Francis is a Jesuit who joined the order while a young man in Argentina with the idea of becoming a missionary in Japan, although health problems stop him achieving this ambition. ...

Francis Appeals to the Martyrs in Ecumenical Message to Patriarch EWTN NEWS - VATICAN NEWS - November 30, 2016 Vatican City, Nov 30, 2016 / 06:15 pm ( EWTN News/CNA ).- The Bishop of Rome sent a message to the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople on Wednesday, continuing a recent tradition of ecumenism between the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches.

As Vatican Christmas Tree Goes Up, Pope's Christmas Schedule Revealed CLERICAL WHISPERS - November 30, 2016 As a towering spruce tree was erected in St Peter's Square, the Vatican released Pope Francis's liturgy schedule for Advent, Christmas and the month of January. The 82-feet-tall Christmas tree arrived in the square on November 24. According to the papal calendar released by the Vatican the same day: — Pope Francis will celebrate an evening Mass on December 12, the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. The Mass will include ancient liturgical hymns composed ...

We Have to Pray for Both the Living and the Dead, Pope Francis Says EWTN NEWS - VATICAN NEWS - November 30, 2016 Vatican City, Nov 30, 2016 / 07:38 am ( EWTN News/CNA ).- In his last set of catechesis on mercy, Pope Francis focused on the works of praying for the living and the dead, as well as burying the dead, insisting that since we are all part of one family in Christ, we must remember to pray constantly for one another.

Three Messages the Vatican's Nativity Scene Tells Us CLERICAL WHISPERS - November 30, 2016 ... prepare the massive nativity scene that each year dominates St Peter's Square. During a presentation of the exhibit last Thursday, local schoolchildren performed a "living" nativity scene, while Italian Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, now the head of the Pontifical Academy for Life, was on hand. Tradition has it that the very first nativity scene, a living one, was invented by St Francis of Assisi in 1223, after he visited the Holy Land and was inspired by seeing the birthplace of Christ in ...

"Silence" = the Antithesis of "A Man for All Seasons" RORATE CÆLI - November 30, 2016 In 1966 the movie "A Man for All Seasons" was released in the U.S., the same year Japanese author Shūsaku Endō wrote the historical fiction novel "Silence." Last night, the Vatican hosted the world premiere of the movie version of "Silence," which will be released next month. Shown at the Pontifical Oriental Institute, administered by the Jesuits, approximately 400 priests and others attended

Pope Francis Offers Prayer, Condolences After Colombia Plane Crash EWTN NEWS - VATICAN NEWS - November 30, 2016 Vatican City, Nov 30, 2016 / 04:57 am ( EWTN News/CNA ).- After a plane crash in Colombia claimed the lives of 71 people, including the majority of Brazil's up and coming Brazil's Chapecoense soccer team, Pope Francis has offered his prayer and solidarity for the victims and their families.

Papal Thanks for Organizers, Volunteers Who Worked on Jubilee Events CLERICAL WHISPERS - November 29, 2016 At an audience on November 28, Pope Francis thanked the organizers and volunteers who had helped to prepare for events at the Vatican during the Jubilee Year of Mercy. "All of you, in different ways, have made it possible for this event of grace to be celebrated in an orderly and safe manner, with a great flow of pilgrims," the Pontiff said. He remarked that in the course of the Jubilee, "something truly extraordinary happened." Pope Francis offered special thanks to ...

Pope Francis: Humility Is Childlike, Not Theatrical EWTN NEWS - VATICAN NEWS - November 29, 2016 Vatican City, Nov 29, 2016 / 01:00 pm ( EWTN News/CNA ).- Christians must pursue true humility as they remember the "smallness" of Christmas, Pope Francis said in his Tuesday homily.

Here's What Pope Francis Is Doing for Christmas EWTN NEWS - VATICAN NEWS - November 29, 2016 Vatican City, Nov 29, 2016 / 12:47 pm ( EWTN News/CNA ).- While signs of bustling pilgrims who came for the Jubilee of Mercy are mostly gone, new signs of Christmas are springing up around St. Peter's Basilica, including the construction of the large Nativity scene in the middle of the square, and the placement of a Christmas tree alongside it.

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