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Books in the Pipeline HAPPY CATHOLIC* - April 25, 2017

Pope Francis Refuses Bullet-Proof Vehicle for Egypt Trip EWTN NEWS - VATICAN NEWS - April 25, 2017 Vatican City, Apr 25, 2017 / 11:32 am ( EWTN News ).- Pope Francis will not use a bulletproof vehicle during his trip to Egypt this weekend, despite recent terror attacks against Christians in the country, according to Reuters.

Ahead of Trip, Pope Francis Sends Message of Joy to Egypt EWTN NEWS - VATICAN NEWS - April 25, 2017 Vatican City, Apr 25, 2017 / 06:25 pm ( EWTN News/CNA ).- Pope Francis expressed his joy for his upcoming trip to Cairo in a video message, saying he hopes to bring peace and friendship to all Egyptian citizens.

Widening Circle of Concern TO FIND FRUIT - April 25, 2017 P ope Francis' concern for vulnerable people is well known. Last summer he merged four councils concerned for social justice and human wellbeing into one Vatican department. The department also will help local churches (dioceses) "offer appropriate material and spiritual assistance" to vulnerable people . ___________________ Washers and dryers in the new ' Pope Francis Laundry ,' established for the homeless in Rome. (Credit: L'Osservatore Romano.)

Pope Francis to Visit Graves of Two 20th Century Italian Priests EWTN NEWS - VATICAN NEWS - April 24, 2017 Vatican City, Apr 24, 2017 / 12:28 pm ( EWTN News/CNA ).- Pope Francis will make a pilgrimage June 20 to visit the graves of two 20th century Italian priests in the towns of Bozzolo and Bariana, the Vatican announced Monday.

Pope Francis Comforts Sister of French Priest Slain Last Year EWTN NEWS - VATICAN NEWS - April 24, 2017 Vatican City, Apr 24, 2017 / 11:07 am ( EWTN News/CNA ).- Pope Francis on Saturday comforted the sister of Father Jacques Hamel, an 85-year-old priest who was killed by ISIS sympathizers while celebrating Mass in Normandy, France last summer.

Mercy Is Key to the Life of Faith, Pope Francis Says EWTN NEWS - VATICAN NEWS - April 23, 2017 Vatican City, Apr 23, 2017 / 05:50 am ( EWTN News/CNA ).- On Divine Mercy Sunday Pope Francis said mercy is essential in living the Christian life, because it not only allows us to understand ourselves and God better, but it also prompts us to recognize and help those in need.

It's Official: Pope Francis to Canonize Fatima Visionaries During May Visit EWTN NEWS - VATICAN NEWS - April 20, 2017 Vatican City, Apr 20, 2017 / 04:06 am ( EWTN News/CNA ).- During his trip to Portugal for the centenary of the Fatima Marian apparitions next month, Pope Francis will canonize visionaries Francisco and Jacinta Marto, making them the youngest non-martyrs to ever be declared saints.

How Interesting to Think You Are Sooo Correct and Be Soooo Wrong ADAM'S ALE - April 20, 2017 ... different things. For example: In keeping with the mandates of Vatican II, a number of years ago we started incorporating parts of the Ordinary Form of the Mass in Latin, usually only during penitential seasons (although I have been taken to task for this - why should Latin only be penitential some have asked? - B. S. - I know you want to jump on that comment ;> ;)) In the beginning we practiced with he congregation and had page numbers announced and posted etc . . . And ...

Pope Francis Among Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People EWTN NEWS - VATICAN NEWS - April 20, 2017 Vatican City, Apr 20, 2017 / 11:34 am ( EWTN News/CNA ).- Time Magazine has released its 2017 list of the world's 100 most influential people, and Pope Francis is among the leaders highlighted by the publication.

Pope Taps New Bishops for Davenport, San Diego Dioceses EWTN NEWS - VATICAN NEWS - April 19, 2017 Vatican City, Apr 19, 2017 / 06:09 am ( EWTN News/CNA ).- On Tuesday the Vatican announced the appointment of Msgr. Thomas Robert Zinkula as the new leader of the Davenport diocese in Iowa, and Fr. John P. Dolan as a new auxiliary bishop for San Diego.

Vatican Cricket Club Takes Interreligious Tournament to Fatima EWTN NEWS - WORLD CATHOLIC NEWS - April 19, 2017 Fatima, Portugal, Apr 19, 2017 / 11:45 am ( EWTN News/CNA ).- St. Peter's Cricket Club, the Vatican's cricket team, is traveling to Fatima April 19-22 for an interreligious tournament ahead of the 100th anniversary of the appearance of Our Lady to three shepherd children in the country.

The Catholic Church Still Cares About Latin EWTN NEWS - VATICAN NEWS - April 19, 2017 Vatican City, Apr 19, 2017 / 07:01 am ( EWTN News/CNA ).- Existing in some form since several hundred years before Christ, the Latin language seems like an unlikely subject to still be generating brand new research, especially among young scholars.

Pope: Easter Is About the Gift of Christianity – Not Us EWTN NEWS - VATICAN NEWS - April 19, 2017 Vatican City, Apr 19, 2017 / 07:05 am ( EWTN News/CNA ).- As the Church jumps into the Easter season, Pope Francis Wednesday offered a reflection on Christ's Resurrection and the start of Christianity, saying it's not about us and what we do, but what the Lord has done for us.

Invisibility Clock for Fra' Festing THAT THE BONES YOU HAVE CRUSHED MAY THRILL - April 19, 2017 ... official barriers and pass through the various Vatican checkpoints unnoticed, eluding the gaze of Von Boeslager's associates within the Knights of Malta. As we all know, in the Order formerly known as 'Sovereign', the faction of Knights under the protection of the Pope never fail to turn a blind eye to condoms. Shocking as it was to read the letter published by Rorate Caeli sent to Fra' Matthew Festing, it is nice to see diplomatic pleasantries still are in operation in the ...

Vatican City State, Europe VIEWPOINTS - April 18, 2017 For the sake of right information and proper knowledge, in view of objective truths and existing realities, it is but right and proper to call attention to the proper understanding of what is commonly known and called the Vatican and everything else significant that goes therewith as a matter of constitutional provisions that properly manifest what really is the Vatican in fact and in truth,

Pope Francis Welcomes Assisi's New 'Sanctuary of Renunciation' EWTN NEWS - VATICAN NEWS - April 18, 2017 Vatican City, Apr 18, 2017 / 01:03 am ( EWTN News/CNA ).- Pope Francis on Sunday thanked Assisi's bishop for creating a shrine dedicated to St. Francis of Assisi's divestiture, when he renounced his family's wealth, embracing poverty as he stripped himself of his fine clothes.

Pro-Francis Posters Go Up in Rome, Striking a Different Chord EWTN NEWS - VATICAN NEWS - April 18, 2017 Vatican City, Apr 18, 2017 / 08:59 am ( EWTN News/CNA ).- Just two months after Pope Francis faced intense backlash for his reforms when critical posters were plastered around Rome, a new set went up around the city over Easter, this time praising the Pope for his commitment to mercy and inclusion.

Who Knew? Pope Can Forbid Foreigner From Visiting Rome RORATE CÆLI - April 18, 2017 Ever since the Porta Pia fell, in 1870, and Rome became the capital of a newly united Italy, no Pope has ever again claimed the right to forbid anyone from coming to Rome. The city is not owned by the Pope, after all, and the temporal power of the papacy has, since 1929, been reduced to the very small limits of Vatican City and a few additional buildings in the region. Alas, that was before

Benedict XVI on Turning 90: "My Heart Is Full of Gratitude" NATIONAL CATHOLIC REGISTER BLOGGERS FEED FROM EDWARD PENTIN - April 17, 2017 By Edward Pentin Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI celebrated his 90th birthday on Monday in the Vatican, saying the Lord has always guided and rescued him on a journey of life that has included trials and hard times. "My heart is full of gratitude for...

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