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Chasubles With Changeable Appliques for Feast Days NEW LITURGICAL MOVEMENT - August 2, 2017 ... nuns designing and hand-sewing vestments to support their community. He described his idea and found a much more receptive audience. The basic design is simple: applique patches that attach to the back of a chasuble. Each applique is sized and shaped exactly the same and precisely lined up with the set of snaps on the garment. A parish could thus invest in one white vestment set but order as many appliques as desired to be switched out for the appropriate feast day. The appliques are hand ...

Traditional Nuns Need Help Once More -- Keep the Construction Going! RORATE CÆLI - June 15, 2017 While we try to keep our fundraising appeals here limited, we do have a special place in our hearts for the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles. Finding a more holy -- and traditional -- order of nuns would be a difficult task. And we feel obliged to help, even when they tell us we don't have to, as they did once again. And, as always, this is one time we feel comfortable disobeying!