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Gene Simmons … Who'd a Thunk? UBI PETRUS - February 25, 2014 Click here to view the embedded video. Whether or not you're a Gene Simmons fan, whether or not you're a Tim Tebow fan, this man has a point and I can only hope and pray that eventually his common sense on this point will rub off on the popular culture. And yes, I'll be the first to admit I never thought I'd use "Gene Simmons" and "common sense" in the same sentence – as always, more for me to learn I see.

Illogical Pro-Abort Writer Angry About Tebow Delivering Baby in Super Bowl Commercial CREATIVE MINORITY REPORT - February 6, 2014 This would be hilarious if it weren't so confusing. Some writer at RH Reality Check is absolutely bonkers angry that in a Super Bowl commercial Tim Tebow was portrayed as delivering a baby. Outrageous, huh? I know. Tebow is a known anti-choice advocate, and T-Mobile's decision to feature him in a Super Bowl ad delivering a baby communicates a profound disrespect toward women and those made vulnerable to harm by the restriction of ...