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St. King Stephen of Hungary CATHOLIC LIGHT - RADICAL FAITH & TRUST - August 16, 2017 St. King Stephen of Hungary : "St. Stephen of Hungary (975-1038) played an important role in Christianizing his country. Stephen was born a pagan, but as a youth, he and his father, Duke Geza, were baptized by the Bohemian bishop St. Adalbert of Prague. At the age of twenty Stephen married Gisela, the sister of the Emperor St. Henry II. In …"

ASSUMPTION - Tots a Una Veu: Visca La Mare De Déu! RORATE CÆLI - August 15, 2017 Mary! She is the north of the tender youth who, feeling in his heart the burning life, rows forward with courage and delight. And, in the growing glare of heaven's light, a voice rises from the peaceful earth: the Virgin, shaded by a blooming rose. Father Jacint Verdaguer L'Atlàntida 1877 ________________________________________ The mystery play of

LA Archdiocese Hosts Youth Conference to Inspire Sanctity EWTN NEWS - US CATHOLIC NEWS - August 9, 2017 Los Angeles, Calif., Aug 9, 2017 / 01:03 am ( EWTN News/CNA ).- More than 1,600 youth gathered at the campus of the University of California, Los Angeles this weekend for the third annual City of Saints conference, where local teenagers participated in workshops, the sacraments, and fellowship.

Revisiting Vocation THE CLOISTERED HEART - August 9, 2017

ASIA/INDONESIA - Young Asian Catholics: "We Will Face the Challenges of the Millennium to Spread the Gospel" FIDES NEWS - ENGLISH - August 8, 2017 ... Youth Day, held at Dirgantara Air Force Academy, Yogyakarta in Indonesia from 31 July to 6 August . "We cannot avoid modernisation – we read in the statement titled "Joyful Asian Youth: Living the Gospel in Multicultural Asia" - "some of us may lack confidence in living our own faith. Due to pressures arising from intolerance and feeling left behind, we lack intimacy with God and His creation. We feel like we do not have enough support from different ...

After the New Dawn Gathering at Walsingham... AUNTIE JOANNA WRITES - August 8, 2017 ... of the Surrey hills - every year, I relish this lovely walk, and the peace it brings, especially as I know it will end with a meeting of old friends and a sense of ...

Pellegrinaggio Medjugorje Festivl Giovani Serata Finale IN GOD'S COMPANY 2 - August 7, 2017 Medjugorje Youth Festible 2017 Praise the Lord

J.M.J.St. Sixtus and Companions, St. CajetanDear Family of Mary! Our ... IN GOD'S COMPANY 2 - August 7, 2017 J.M.J.St. Sixtus and Companions, St. CajetanDear Family of Mary! Our Lady appeared on Mt Podbrdo to Ivan on Saturday August 5 (10:00pm Medj time). It was the last day of the Youth Festival. Our Lady's apparition took place at her statue on Mt Podbrdo. Here is Ivan's account of this encounter with Our Lady, as translated from Croatian to Italian and then into English: This evening

Pope Prays for Openness, Courage at Close of Asian Youth Day EWTN NEWS - VATICAN NEWS - August 6, 2017 Vatican City, Aug 6, 2017 / 07:04 am ( EWTN News/CNA ).- As young people gathered in Indonesia for the 7th Asian Youth Day prepare to head home, Pope Francis sent a message encouraging them to be courageous, and to turn to Mary as a model of what it means to be a missionary.

Message of Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn to the youth on occasion ... IN GOD'S COMPANY 2 - August 4, 2017 Message of Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn to the youth on occasion of the Youth Festival 2017 in Medjugorje date: 04.08.2017. Also this year, all of the participants were again remembered by our dear friend, Cardinal Christoph Schönborn from Vienna who sent them a message: "Dear young friends! You again arrived to Medjugorje in such a great number. No one ordered you to come here in this

Testimony of Cardinal Ernest Simoni-Troshani, Given at the Medjugorje IN GOD'S COMPANY 2 - August 4, 2017 CARDINAL ERNEST SIMONI AT THE YOUTH FESTIVAL!! J.M.J. August 4, 2017St. John Vianney Dear Family of Mary! On this feast of the Patron of Priests, St. John Vianney, I am so happy to share excerpts from the testimony of Cardinal Ernest Simoni-Troshani, given at the Medjugorje Youth Festival on August 3, 2017! The Cardinal shares from his heart about his life and how important Jesus and

Medjugorje Youth Festival 2017 IN GOD'S COMPANY 2 - July 31, 2017 (c) Mateo Ivankovic 2016 This week the Youth Festival 2017 takes place in Medjugorje. Our young people need desperately to see prayer and God's love in us. They need to see it in each other. The Youth Festival is a moment of great hope and conversion for thousands of youth. Let's pray for them constantly this week! Mary TV will be streaming the Festival all week long. Check

Tridentine Community News - Fr. Jake Van Assche to Celebrate First Missa Cantata at Old St. Mary's This Friday, August 4 MUSINGS OF A PERTINACIOUS PAPIST - July 30, 2017 "I will go in unto the Altar of God To God, Who giveth joy to my youth"

Wednesday, July 26, 2017 FR. CARMEN MELE, O.P.: TODAY'S HOMILETTE - July 25, 2017 ... 13:10-17) A senior citizen tries to pass on the Catholic faith to his adolescent grandson. When the youth spends a weekend with him, he invariably takes him to Sunday mass. The youth tells him that he enjoys the experience; however, he has yet to express interest in committing himself to the Church. Today as we honor Saints Anne and Joachim, the parents of Mary and thus the grandparents of Jesus, we may speculate on their contribution to Jesus' faith ...

For the Memorial of St. John Bosco, Priest PHAT CATHOLIC APOLOGETICS - July 24, 2017 ... the Two Columns The Preventative System Applied to Young People at Risk Life of Dominic Savio by Fr. John Bosco Close-Up View of John Bosco: When He Was a Farm-Hand Narrative Spirituality and Pedagogy in Some of Don Bosco's Important Texts: Method of Approach and Tools for Interpretation Heroes and Pioneers: Kindness An Exhortation to ...

What's Up With Life Teen Catholic Youth Ministry? CONNECTICUT CATHOLIC CORNER - July 21, 2017 So I'm on Twitter when I see Ryan Fitz retweet a Creaky tweet about Catholic Life Teen Youth Ministry that caught my eye. Something about the Virgin Mary and "poop" to be specific. Be prepared, I'm gonna get all fire and brimstone in this post. Before I click on the blog post " Seeing Beyond the Poop: Mary's Perfect Love" by RACHEL PENATE , I go see what "Life Teen" is all about. Our Mission "As a Eucharist-centered movement within the Roman Catholic Church, Life Teen ...

Be Protagonists of Change, Cardinal Sandri Tells Ukrainian Youth EWTN NEWS - WORLD CATHOLIC NEWS - July 20, 2017 Buchach, Ukraine, Jul 20, 2017 / 01:04 am ( EWTN News/CNA ).- At the close of his recent trip to Ukraine, Cardinal Leonardo Sandri met with youth from the troubled country, telling them not to be discouraged by the challenges they face but rather to trust in the Lord and commit to changing society for the better.

New: "From Islam to Christ: One Woman's Path Through the Riddles of God" by Derya Little INSIGHT SCOOP THE IGNATIUS PRESS BLOG - July 14, 2017 ... raise a family. Derya's story provides a window into both Islam and modernity. It shows that the grace and the mercy of God know no bounds. Rather, the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ reaches souls in the most unlikely places. Derya Little has a Ph.D. in politics from Durham University in England. Her articles on foreign affairs have appeared in academic journals and Catholic World Report. "Little has done the world a service by writing this courageous book. On her journey from ...

These Youth Feed 2000 Homeless People Every Night in Uruguay EWTN NEWS - AMERICAS CATHOLIC NEWS - July 13, 2017 Montevideo, Uruguay, Jul 13, 2017 / 01:32 am ( EWTN News/CNA ).- For many people, a warm meal is a way to come together, celebrate, and spend time with friends and family. For homeless people living on the streets of Montevideo, Uruguay, it's an experience that's rare. But about 500 young people in the city are working to change that.

Thursday, July 13, 2017 FR. CARMEN MELE, O.P.: TODAY'S HOMILETTE - July 12, 2017 ... to make the best of the time when their earning power is minimal. Perhaps the apostles have learned to sing something like it as Jesus sends them to proclaim the Good News. Jesus tells them that they are not to "take gold or silver or copper." The last, a copper coin, is equivalent to the modern penny. Jesus wants the apostles to preach the goodness of God by their poverty as well as by their words. Completely dependent on Divine Providence, without even a penny to their name, they will show ...

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