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The Baptistery of Parma NEW LITURGICAL MOVEMENT - May 9, 2017 ... votos . Here we see in the first niche a relief sculpture of an angel, with Ss Peter and Paul to either side, and below, a Madonna and Child with the Archangel and St John the Baptist, who presents to them Card. Gherardo Bianchi (1220-1302) a native of Parma. In the second, a relief of Christ in glory, with Angels and the symbols of the Evangelists, with His Baptism below, and the Virgin and Child with angels below that. In the third niche, a relief of an angel, with Ss ...

To Whom Shall We Go? YOUR DAILY TRIPOD - May 6, 2017

Homily - 9 April 2017 - At the Blessing of Palms - Let Our Minds Conform to What Our Bodies Do SERVANT AND STEWARD - April 9, 2017 ... jubilation." [2] As we process with these blessed palms, with these symbols of victory, let us conform our minds to what our bodies do. Let us go forth to meet Christ our King with glad shouts of praise confident in the power of his love. [1] Saint Thomas More, The Sadness of Christ and Final Prayers and Benedictions , trans. Clarence Miller (New York: Scepter Publishers, 1993), 21. [2] Joseph Ratzinger / Pope Benedict XVI, Jesus of Nazareth, Part Two: Holy Week: From the ...

The Jesus Tree :: A Lenten Craft and Bible Study SHOWER OF ROSES - March 30, 2017