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"Happiness Attacks" SISTERS OF SAINT BENEDICT'S MONASTERY - August 15, 2017

The Grace to Stay Silent SISTERS OF SAINT BENEDICT'S MONASTERY - July 18, 2017

"Every Sunrise Is God's Greeting; Every Sunset, His Signature." SISTERS OF SAINT BENEDICT'S MONASTERY - June 13, 2017

The Artsy Mistake Mystery - Sylvia McNicoll - The Great Mistake Mysteries Book 2 BOOK REVIEWS AND MORE - May 27, 2017 ... thefts and someone even claims to have video evidence. Throw in a little blackmail, interrogations from the police and you have a mystery with a bit of everything. This story has a number of themes, first is the theme of friendship. Second t deals with Stephen's obsessions in a great way. There is also the theme of the value of art. And also the importance and impact that art can have on people. Can Stephen and Renee figure it out again, or will then end up taking the fall for ...

Wait Patiently for the Master's Arrival SISTERS OF SAINT BENEDICT'S MONASTERY - May 24, 2017 I love the Letter of St. James to his early Christian Church because it is so real! When they (or we!) gather, we know that everything that can do wrong eventually does; that our Christian churches seem to collect sinners! St. James, however, is able—lovingly, honestly and wisely-- to bring to the surface, diagnose and deal with the quirks and misbehaviors present in his community. I especially appreciate how Eugene H. Peterson renders the corrections ...