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Hope for a Sane World Dashed Again on the Rocks of Madness CRISIS MAGAZINE - September 19, 2016

Words Matter SISTERS OF SAINT BENEDICT'S MONASTERY - September 13, 2016

Case No. 340813 - Washington State Court of Appeals Division III - Michael Darland V. Snoqualmie Pass Utility District. LECL├ęZIO - August 30, 2016 ... legit and unnecessarily delve into case law precedents as if case # 042004112 had standing in 2004/2005 and case no. 340813 has standing in 2016. 8. That would necessarily imply that Judge Cooper and all attorneys involved in 2004/2005 were wrong in their opinion that without me being a party to the case and a legitimate owner of record the case could not stand. 9. Ignore all of the above evidence, offered freely, and deliver any kind of a ruling based on ??? ... Whatever...? In my humble ...

Overcoming Obstacles SISTERS OF SAINT BENEDICT'S MONASTERY - August 9, 2016


Philosopher Portraits QUAECUMQUE - July 5, 2016 scientificphilosopher : The artist Renee Bolinger pairs famous philosophers with famous artists based on the compatibility of their ideas. I've made an effort to pair each philosopher with a like-minded artist, often from a similar time period. Philosophers were selected based on requests, hence the somewhat eclectic nature of the group. Each of the paintings in the series is an 11"x14" oil on canvas. Prints, mugs, and various other forms of each piece are available at ...