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Molly Bawn THE NEW BEGINNING - November 3, 2016 The lesson: make sure she always wears a bright orange one with reflector tape instead of a white one.

Molly Tuttle Band, Gentle on My Mind THE NEW BEGINNING - October 30, 2016

Grease Monkey! NETTIE'S WORLD - October 24, 2016 From Glamour Shots to Grease Monkey, Megan does it all with style. Saturday her dad talked her through the process of changing the oil on her little yellow VW-Bug, Miss Molly. She most certainly earned the title – it was a very greasy job! I'm so proud of all the things my girls try (and master)… the messiest things I ever did were adding oil and power steering fluid. But... Source

7 Quick Takes: Friday Night Maggie Edition THE SCRIBBLINGS OF CAMMIE DIANE - September 23, 2016

Molly Tuttle, "Save This Heart of Mine" THE NEW BEGINNING - September 14, 2016

Parish Welcome Wagon THE ONE TRUE FAITH - August 15, 2016 Catholics are responsible for building a community within our church. Parish coffee hour is the ideal place to start. U.S. Catholic had an article by Molly Jo Rose about the value of coffee hour after Mass. She's an advocate and she gives many good points. However, being an old grouch, I would never go. Well, maybe I would if I had a young family and the kids wanted to go, but I don't think we'd have had time. Sundays we went to grandma's for breakfast and everyone enjoyed that and ...