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Pro-Life Updates Mid-May 2017 DTF DEFEND/PROCLAIM THE FAITH - May 19, 2017 ... elected member of the School Committee from 1987-1991, He was the only official on the thirteen member board to consistently oppose condom distribution and intrusive, immoral sex education programs in the Boston Public Schools. (In 1992 the Boston School Committee changed from an elected office to being appointed by the Mayor.) C.J. Doyle of the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts said, "Bob Cappucci is solidly pro-life, pro-family and pro-freedom." Bob is a life-long practicing Catholic ...

"Wait a Minute" THE NEW BEGINNING - March 18, 2017 3 different recordings of the same performance Wait A Minute - Blue Summit at CBA Festival with Molly Tuttle and Angelica Grim

Cicero Uses the Word "Virility" to Express Character and Vigor of Soul... Some Thoughts About Virility. ABBEY ROADS - March 12, 2017 How can a man combat effeminacy in a genderless culture? "St Augustine, with extraordinary perceptiveness, described the nature of sin as follows: 'self-love to the point of contempt for God'. It was self love which drove our first parents toward the initial rebellion and then gave rise to the spread of sin throughout human history. The book of Genesis speaks of this: 'You will be like God, knowing good and evil', in other words, you yourselves will decide what is good ...

NYMag: Camille Paglia Predicted 2017 by Molly Fischer What the '90s ... THE NEW BEGINNING - March 8, 2017 NYMag: Camille Paglia Predicted 2017 by Molly Fischer What the '90s provocateur understands about the Trump era.

Molly Tuttle, "Gentle on My Mind" THE NEW BEGINNING - February 28, 2017

Wordless Stories BACK BAY VIEW - February 17, 2017

Poets and Poetry ASSOCIATION OF CATHOLIC WOMEN BLOGGERS - February 7, 2017 ... swing...😉 Then, out of nowhere, she started quoting this poem: "How do you like to go up in a swing, Up in the air so blue? Oh, I do think it the pleasantest thing Ever a child can do! Up in the air and over the wall, Till I can see so wide, Rivers and trees and cattle and all- Over the countryside. Till I look down on the garden green Down on the roof so brown- Up in the air I go flying again, Up in the air and down!"* read the rest at Tacy Williams ...

Don't Miss the Positive SISTERS OF SAINT BENEDICT'S MONASTERY - January 24, 2017