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Maggie's MRI A WOMAN'S PLACE... - November 4, 2015

Move Love Forward SISTERS OF SAINT BENEDICT'S MONASTERY - October 13, 2015 ... Catholic Worker. Molly is a former member of our community and maintains a close connection with us. Photo: Associated ...

Going From the Industrial Age to the Ecological Age CATHOLIC AMERICAN EYES IN KOREA - September 17, 2015 We, who are living in the industrial age of the 21st century, can look back on the infant, child and adolescent stages and in this last stage, we see an interest in our natural environment, and its attraction, but it was minimized or ignored by many. This is the way the columnist in the Peace Weekly begins his column on ecological spirituality. Balance was lost and we had various pathological aspects of growth: materialism, greed, hostility, extreme competition, spotted ...

Change in Perspective for Ecological Maturity CATHOLIC AMERICAN EYES IN KOREA - September 16, 2015

Welcome Molly! 1 FRANCISCAN WAY - September 15, 2015 Oh…hello! I didn't see you there! I'm glad you found this blog! My name is Molly. I have moved around my entire life, but just a few days ago, I found myself moving here from Iowa… home of the Quaker Oats! Before arriving here, I was a youth minister for middle and high school youth. I also taught high school theology to the juniors. Oh, what a fun time we had! Working with youth, I had a little free time before I entered, but the free time I had was filled ...

What Kind of Evil? INSIGHT SCOOP THE IGNATIUS PRESS BLOG - August 24, 2015

Latest News ... ABBEY ROADS - August 8, 2015