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Christ in Art: Caravaggio and the Noble Normalcy of the Risen Christ -- By Maureen Mullarkey RORATE CÆLI - June 2, 2017 Our Gospels tell us very little of the post-Passion appearances of Jesus. In compensation for the dearth of anecdote, artists have seized that encounter on the road to Emmaus. A popular motif for centuries, it challenges artists to picture a revelation at once quotidian and sublime. Few have met that challenge with the power and subtlety of Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio. Christians

Welcome to the Show, Rook! THECHURCHMILITANT - May 10, 2017 ... in Italy, Larkin took Ngoepe under his wing. "How do you field a ground ball?" Larkin asked one day. "You get to the ball, catch it and throw," Ngoepe said. "No," Larkin said. "You catch the ball with your feet. If you move your feet toward the ball, work through the ball, you're able to make a good throw every single time." When asked Wednesday to name his best tool, Ngoepe grinned and said, "My hands are my greatest tools. They work in the way of a magician." Josh Bell, the Pirates first ...

Spirituality: "A Meditation on John 20:13-16" by Maureen Gilmer IGNATIAN SPIRITUALITY: SET THE WORLD ABLAZE - April 21, 2017