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In God They Don't Trust: Anti-American Syllabus in Vatican Journal, by Maureen Mullarkey RORATE CÆLI - July 17, 2017 A view from the pew, by Maureen Mullarkey My initial response—unbidden, unguarded—to the Civiltà Cattolica broadside against American conservatives was relief. Almost a kind of glee. The Emperor has thrown his New Clothes on the floor in a fit of pique; his courtiers bend low to pick up what is not there. The pantomime is fully in the open. Here, thankfully, is a barefaced specimen of

Christ in Art: Caravaggio and the Noble Normalcy of the Risen Christ -- By Maureen Mullarkey RORATE CÆLI - June 2, 2017 Our Gospels tell us very little of the post-Passion appearances of Jesus. In compensation for the dearth of anecdote, artists have seized that encounter on the road to Emmaus. A popular motif for centuries, it challenges artists to picture a revelation at once quotidian and sublime. Few have met that challenge with the power and subtlety of Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio. Christians