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Weekend Update: Bass, Mass, Sass, and Covering Your, Uh, Bum MARTIN FAMILY MOMENTS - July 14, 2014

A Little Girl Tea Party ♥ CHERISHED HEARTS AT HOME - July 13, 2014

College or Play THE ADVENTURES OF A FAMILY FULL OF BLESSINGS! - July 2, 2014 ... big surprise!! So will the rest of us!! :) Aunt Rena asked if two of the children wanted to come with her to help her teach her college English class this morning–Meghan and Lilly were eager to volunteer. So, while they were away at college we took everyone else to the park to play! Then we walked to the dairy for ice cream. :) Filed under: Large Family ...

Lilly's Story… THE ADVENTURES OF A FAMILY FULL OF BLESSINGS! - June 27, 2014 Lilly has herself a story now. Years from now to tell her own children. It will sound something like this… Once, when I was six and a half, I went with my family to my great grandparents' cottage in the North woods of Wisconsin. I was on the dock with Meghan and we were fishing while Dad and Great Grandpa were covering the boat because the rain was coming. I castes my line and in only a minute I caught something! I reeled it in and it was a nice bluegill! As I was ...

Learning How to Raise Funds SCELATA - June 26, 2014 ... Lilly Family School of Philanthropy's Lake Institute on Faith & Giving's..... pilot program [offering an] Executive Certificate in Religious Fundraising (ECRF) September 8-11, 2014." I think there is a great need for something like that -- so many good people and good organizations are as naive as I was, and need to know how to make certain their good work can last, can remain viable economically Topics include, Shaping a Theology of Money, Fundraising as Ministry and ...

Sorting THE ADVENTURES OF A FAMILY FULL OF BLESSINGS! - June 9, 2014 Lilly still loves sorting things. :) Filed under: Large Family Life

Elves Can Be Evil ??? PERSPECTIVE - May 16, 2014 ... by the same actress who was Kate (Freckles) in Lost. And I was reminded of the talking dragon in Dragonheart by Smaug. And then there was the realization that there are evil elves ... Legolas' dad, the Elvenking of Mirkwood forest, is bad - eek! .... No wonder Legolas has so many issues ;) ... Is it worth watching? Yeah, but it's not up the the standard of The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy . Here's a trailer ...

End of Math THE ADVENTURES OF A FAMILY FULL OF BLESSINGS! - May 15, 2014 For this school year anyhow. Sarah finished hers two weeks ago. Lilly finished Kindergarten Math early January and finished week 23 of 30 this week. Katie, Tony, and Meghan finished their full math courses today for this school year! Hooray!!! Filed under: Large Family Life


Helping to Teach the Children THE ADVENTURES OF A FAMILY FULL OF BLESSINGS! - April 26, 2014