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Welcome to America . . . THE WILD REED - September 23, 2016 ... Kaepernick's Kneeling Protest Against Racial Injustice and Silent About Cops Killing Black Lives, Do Better – Lilly Workneh ( The Huffington Post , September 21, 2016). Why Aren't the People Who Criticized Kaepernick Speaking Out About Terence Crutcher? – Robert Littal ( Black Sports Online , September 19, 2016). White America, It's Time to Take a Knee – John Pavlovitz ( , September 20, 2016). Here's How Many Black People Have Been Killed by ...

Something to Think About . . . THE WILD REED - September 21, 2016 _____________________________ Related Off-site Links: Rev. Traci Blackmon Among President Obama's Appointees to His Faith-based Council – The St. Louis American (January 29, 2016). Protests Erupt Over Police Killings of Terence Crutcher and Keith Lamont Scott in Tulsa and Charlotte – Democracy Now! (September 21, 2016). Footage in Oklahoma Police Shooting Prompts Nationwide Outrage – Emma Niles ( TruthDig , September 20, 2016). Dash Cam Video Shows ...

Meatless Friday: Olympic Jingo Bells Edition SAINT LOUIS CATHOLIC - August 13, 2016 You have likely heard about Hope Solo's poor sportsmanship after the women's soccer team lost, but I thought this article from the Washington Post worth reading. It highlights another uncomfortable sportsmanship moment between U.S. Swimmer Lilly King and Russia's Yulia Efimova. It's like I coached them. A good reminder to be gracious.

Garden Tutorial: Trying to Be a Good Neighbor ... ABBEY ROADS - June 8, 2016