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Garden Tutorial: Trying to Be a Good Neighbor ... ABBEY ROADS - June 8, 2016

Day Seven ~ Godmother... PASSIONATE PERSEVERANCE - May 7, 2016 You can start here... Today I had the privilege to witness my niece and goddaughter Maya receive her First Communion. Tomorrow I get to witness another Goddaughter, Lilly receive her second communion. Oh how I wish I could be in two places at once, but alas, I am not so holy as to bi-locate. I am working on it though, but I am not holding my breath. Something beautiful happened during the

"And Then Oedipus and Jocasta, Assured by Their Supporters on Social Media That '#LoveWins', Decided...." SCELATA - April 8, 2016 ... Lilly James',) waist, pulled in to a private driveway and noticed something tantalizing about how to nip in the waist of an oversized button up shirt, had to back up to the intersection where I saw a criticism of children's literature that was not protective of the environment/blended families/the Other among us, and decided to go brew a cup , no, a mug , stadium cup of almond tea. But while sipping, the thought came that there is a great misapprehension of the purpose of the ...

Landscape ABBEY ROADS - April 6, 2016 ... community. In almost every private revelation wherein our Lord speaks of his mercy, he always says this lack of trust or confidence is what wounds his heart the most. Be it to St. Margaret Mary, Sr. Benigna,, Sr. Consolata, and/or other saints to whom he revealed his merciful love. I suspect they would even attempt to correct St. Alphonsus Liguori's teachings on the merciful love of God, or St. Francis De Sales in his Treatise On the Love of ...