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Why Did Disney Block God? Fox News  - December 1, 2014 Why did Disney block God? | Fox News. Why did Disney block God? By Todd Starnes Lilly Anderson (Courtesy Julie Anderson) Next It turns out you can give thanks for a lot of different folks on the Disney Channel website – but you can't thank God. I received a Facebook message on Sunday from Julie Anderson, … Continue reading →

Baseboard! THE ADVENTURES OF A FAMILY FULL OF BLESSINGS! - November 6, 2014 Jerry was able to put lots of the last pieces of baseboard up! He also fixed the chair rail in the dining room. He does great work and it all looks great! We have also learned that Lilly is our little "chicken whisperer." She has really taken to them and makes sure that they always have clean water and food and is enjoying holding and cuddling them. She's helping with the task of making sure they like people and enjoy being held! Filed under: Large Family Life