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Meatless Friday: Olympic Jingo Bells Edition SAINT LOUIS CATHOLIC - August 13, 2016 You have likely heard about Hope Solo's poor sportsmanship after the women's soccer team lost, but I thought this article from the Washington Post worth reading. It highlights another uncomfortable sportsmanship moment between U.S. Swimmer Lilly King and Russia's Yulia Efimova. It's like I coached them. A good reminder to be gracious.

Garden Tutorial: Trying to Be a Good Neighbor ... ABBEY ROADS - June 8, 2016

Day Seven ~ Godmother... PASSIONATE PERSEVERANCE - May 7, 2016 You can start here... Today I had the privilege to witness my niece and goddaughter Maya receive her First Communion. Tomorrow I get to witness another Goddaughter, Lilly receive her second communion. Oh how I wish I could be in two places at once, but alas, I am not so holy as to bi-locate. I am working on it though, but I am not holding my breath. Something beautiful happened during the