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Flashback Friday: On the Decline of Orchestras (and Classical Music) Today IN OTHER WORDS - May 19, 2017 ... music became "the" music for me, yet for Serena LaRoche, Leah Hungerford, along with choral directors Jennifer Adam, Peppie Calvar, Susan Kelly, Keith Walker, Lillian Quackenbush, Alicia Walker, and numerous other choral singers (Rebecca Cunningham), soloists (Ashley Briggs, Sarah Rich, Jaeyoon Kim, Jacob Will, Kelsey Harrison), my musical attitude took a turn for the better, and as we learned three and a half years later, perfect for Our Word. Having sung in four Summer ...

He Is Risen IN OTHER WORDS - April 16, 2017

Lent Calendar Prayer and Reflection for 14 March CLERICAL WHISPERS - March 13, 2017 ... human, like other people, to be proud of myself and my family proud of me. Nothing is comfortable here. I am very tired because I lose hope in everything." Mohammed is being stripped of his dignity because of his lack of opportunity to work. But your support is helping people to transform their lives. Our partner, Association Najdeh, is supporting men and particularly women in refugee camps to undertake training and find jobs, claim their human rights, to play an active role in their society ...

One Post a Month: February MARY GRACE HOLMES - March 10, 2017