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Adieu Quebec? OD'S BLOG! - August 11, 2017

Gavin McInnis on Aboriginal Myths OD'S BLOG! - June 21, 2017 'Od's Blog: Catholic and Clear Grit comments on the passing parade.

Farewell, Graduates. Godspeed!  - May 26, 2017,-Graduates.-Godspeed!.html

"Shack" Theology MUSINGS OF A PERTINACIOUS PAPIST - May 6, 2017 Gavin Ortlund, " The god of William Paul Young " ( TGC , April 28, 2017): Paul Young's The Shack has sold 20 million copies, inspired a major motion picture, and generated a lot of spiritual reflection and conversation. Some have appreciated its depiction of faith and suffering. Others have been uncomfortable with its theological eccentricities. More than a few have used the "h word" to describe it (heresy). But the fact that The Shack (and Young's other books) are novels ...

Gavin McInnes Reads Ann Coulter's Speech THE NEW BEGINNING - April 29, 2017

Go Gavin THE NEW BEGINNING - April 26, 2017 The @AnnCoulter event in Berkeley is NOT canceled. I will be speaking tomorrow with @Lauren_Southern @FaithGoldy @BrittPettibone #POYB — Gavin McInnes (@Gavin_McInnes) April 26, 2017