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May 2015 Newsletter TEA AT TRIANON - May 18, 2015 ... on "history, literature, manners, morals and matters of faith" while the morning Gazette du Trianon collects historical, political and social news. The Tea at Trianon Forum is available for discussion. And if you know anyone who would like to receive this newsletter, please send me their email. Once again I am asking readers who enjoyed The Paradise Tree to use Facebook and Twitter to spread the word. Here is the link to the Amazon page. For those with an Amazon account, a positive review is ...

In Thanksgiving for Cardinal Egan HANDING ON THE FAITH - March 7, 2015 ... would be fulfilled. When he returned to us in 2000 as Archbishop and later was named Cardinal Egan, he continued to challenge and support us in our efforts to hand on the faith with excellence. You were always in his mind and prayer as he struggled to balance budgets and, at the same time, enhance our efforts in catechesis. Many of you will recall his outstanding homilies at our annual Liturgy and Communion Breakfast each June. Those of you who attended the Catechetical Forum in the Bronx last ...

Mass Cancelled Sat. Jan. 24th DTF DEFEND/PROCLAIM THE FAITH - January 23, 2015 Mass has been cancelled for tomorrow Saturday 1/24 at 10:00 AM at Problem Pregnancy. We want everyone safe. Eileen

Divine Intercessor YOUR DAILY TRIPOD - January 22, 2015