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A Church of Both Roots and Branches THE WILD REED - February 17, 2015 Yesterday I shared on Facebook a link to an article by "former fundie" Benjamin L. Corey on " Five Reasons Why Many American Christians Wouldn't Like the First Ones ." These reasons include the fact that the first Christians rejected personal ownership of property and engaged in a redistribution of wealth; that they didn't like big, show-y church stuff; that they didn't warn anyone about hell; that they weren't patriotic; and that they were universally pacifists. My ...

5 Ways to Improve Progressive Christianity LITURGY - January 29, 2015 Someone recently pointed me to a blog post 5 Areas Where Progressive Christian Culture Completely Loses Me. Benjamin Corey there wrote about Far too many progressives ready to rebuke you for not being progressive enough Neglecting the truth that choosing to follow Jesus results in a changed life Mishandling scripture to avoid traditional interpretations of […]