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Revisiting Magnificats THE CLOISTERED HEART - October 6, 2015

Never Forget 9/11 JOURNEY OF A CATHOLIC NERD WRITER - September 11, 2015

St. John Eudes: "Father, Doctor, and Apostle" of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary CATHOLIC FIRE - August 18, 2015 August 18 is the optional memorial of St. John Eudes, a French priest who founded of the Society of Jesus and Mary (the Eudists) and the Congregation of Our Lady of Charity. Pope Leo XIII proclaimed him to be the "father, doctor and apostle of the liturgical cult of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary." John Eudes was born at Ri, Normandy, France, on November 14, 1601, the son of a farmer. Prior to John's birth, his parents who had been praying for a child and when he was ...