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Personality and Homeschooling DARWINCATHOLIC - June 13, 2017

Spokes - Deanna K. Klingel BOOK REVIEWS AND MORE - June 13, 2017

Good Political News on the Pro-Life Front SAINT LOUIS CATHOLIC - June 8, 2017

Modern Uhmerican High Schools THE NEW BEGINNING - May 27, 2017 In some ways hell may be like a perpetual high school with all the arrested development it entails. Setting aside a similar "social" patterns for Western megacities, does the modern institution of co-ed secondary education have a convergence peculiar to it in Western nations?

Footage of the Bismarck Firing Upon the Hood, and Bismarck Under Fire From the British Fleet GLORIA ROMANORUM - May 26, 2017 ... great ship in mere moments and sending over 1,400 souls to a frigid grave in depths of the north Atlantic. Only three men survived. Flashes may be seen erupting from the cloud and it's hard to say if they are secondary explosions from the sinking battlecruiser or muzzle-flashes from Prince of Wales which was steaming about 1/2 mile astern of Hood when she exploded. As amazing as this film is, I was equally surprised to find out that additional footage exists of Bismarck's ...