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For the Record, Mullarkey on Extreme Unction and Saint-Making MUSINGS OF A PERTINACIOUS PAPIST - January 31, 2015 For the record, both from Maureen Mullarkey at First Things : " Of Sausages and Saints " (FT, May 19, 2014) and " Who Killed Extreme Unction? " (FT, July 22, 2014). [Hat tip to R.D.D.]

Talking Smack About the Pope OUTSIDE THE ASYLUM - January 16, 2015 It's been over a week now, and certain people still haven't gotten over the spanking Maureen Mullarkey received for her rather slanderous attack on Pope Francis . And a spanking it was; R. R. Reno, the editor-in-chief of First Things , not only washed his hands of her post but offered his own rebuttal to it , calling her criticisms and caricatures of Francis "overdrawn and ill-tempered". Oh, wait a minute — that's not the spanking they're not over. Rather, they're ...