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Space for Grace: Stories From the Catholic Chaplaincy at Queen's University Belfast CLERICAL WHISPERS - October 1, 2016 ... Daniel McCabe. As well as launching the book, Dominican priest Father John Harris OP, will also give a keynote address. All are welcome to the launch. For more information see The book is published by Shanway Press and retailing at £15.00 stg. It will be available on their website +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Disclaimer No responsibility or liability shall attach itself to either myself or to ...

A Prayer Petition, Please  - July 23, 2016 Kindly keep our bishop, Donald Hying, many of our seminarians, and many young adults from the Diocese of Gary in your prayers. They left, two days ago, for a pilgrimage to Assisi and Rome before ending up in Poland for World Youth Day. This is an annual event where youth and young adults from around the world have an opportunity to meet with our Holy Father, Pope Francis, in prayer and worship. The highlight is always the Papal Mass. The young people who have gone to ...,-Please.html