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Palmieri Retired, Meta Named Rrëshen Bishop CATHOLIC-HIERARCHY NEWS - June 15, 2017 Bishop Cristoforo Palmieri, C.M. retired and Bishop-elect Gjergj Meta was named Bishop of Rrëshen, Albania .

Huertas Vargas Retired, García Peláez Named Garagoa Bishop CATHOLIC-HIERARCHY NEWS - June 15, 2017 Bishop José Vicente Huertas Vargas retired and Bishop Julio Hernando García Peláez was named Bishop of Garagoa, Colombia . Bishop García Peláez had been serving as Bishop of Istmina-Tadó .

Kabashi Retired, Peragine Named Southern Albania Apostolic Administrator CATHOLIC-HIERARCHY NEWS - June 15, 2017 Bishop Hil Kabashi, O.F.M. retired and Bishop-elect Giovanni Peragine, B. was named Apostolic Administrator of Southern Albania {Albania Meridionale} (Albanian) and titular bishop of Phoenice .

Arise, @ArchChuck – Indy's "Adopted Son," Thompson Inherits Brickyard Church WHISPERS IN THE LOGGIA - June 13, 2017 ... to the rank himself. Wiry and easygoing with a self-described "social justice" bent dating to his teens, the archbishop-elect was said to be "anxious, but ready" for today's rollout, according to a Whispers op informed of the appointment. A resolutely "Francis man" among a bench whose extremes tend to make disproportionate noise, Thompson outlined the pontiff's imprint on his vision at considerable length in a 2016 pastoral letter to the Evansville church, a text built around the Pope's ...

Boyce Retired, McGuckian Named Raphoe Bishop CATHOLIC-HIERARCHY NEWS - June 9, 2017 Bishop Philip Boyce, O.C.D. retired and Bishop-elect Alexander Aloysius (Alan) McGuckian, S.J. was named Bishop of Raphoe, Ireland .

St. Ephrem: Doctor of the Church JEAN M. HEIMANN - June 9, 2017 ... to his great knowledge of the Church and doctrine, Ephrem was put in charge of a school of theology in Nisibis. He lived through three sieges laid to Nisibis by the Persians. Although the Persians failed to capture the town by direct attack, they obtained it in 363 as part of the price of a peace settlement following the defeat and death of the Emperor Julian. The Christians then abandoned the city and Ephrem retired to a cave in a rocky height overlooking Edessa (present-day ...

Lizama Riquelme Retired, Ducasse Medina Named Antofagasta Archbishop CATHOLIC-HIERARCHY NEWS - June 8, 2017 Archbishop Pablo Lizama Riquelme retired and Archbishop-designate Ignacio Francisco Ducasse Medina was named Archbishop of Antofagasta, Chile . Archbishop-designate Ducasse Medina had been serving as Bishop of Valdivia .

Scotti Retired, Palumbo Named Trivento Bishop CATHOLIC-HIERARCHY NEWS - June 5, 2017 Bishop Domenico Angelo Scotti retired and Bishop-elect Claudio Palumbo was named Bishop of Trivento, Italy .

Monday, June 5, 2017 FR. CARMEN MELE, O.P.: TODAY'S HOMILETTE - June 2, 2017 Memorial of Saint Boniface, bishop and martyr (Tobit 1:3.2:1a-8; Mark 12:1-12) St. Boniface was born in England and raised there in a Benedictine monastery. He was a successful teacher but desired to be a missionary among the pagans in what is now Germany. When he arrived, he achieved notoriety by chopping down an old oak tree worshipped by the people without incurring harm. He labored successfully throughout the land. After a distinguished career in which he was named ...

Retired Ukrainian Greek Catholic Pat. Lubomyr Has Reposed BYZANTINE, TEXAS - June 1, 2017 ... on Monday, Gudziak had nothing but fond memories of Husar. The two knew each other for over 50 years. After officially being recognized as a bishop by St. John Paul II in 1996, for all intents and purposes Husar became the leader of a church which, according to Gudziak, was "on its knees, suffering post traumatic shock." The Greek Catholic Church was highly divided at the time, something which according to Gudziak was evident in the fact that Husar only got elected after ...

To Azazel: Father Gordon MacRae and the Gospel of Mercy A RAM IN THE THICKET - May 22, 2017 ... process by which communications he thought were privileged ended up published on-line. The Attorney General responded with a detailed explanation. She insisted that all Diocesan files were obtained as a result of a Grand Jury subpoena, and that under state law Grand Jury files are confidential. "The Diocese had to waive confidentiality, and did waive confidentiality, for the priests' files to be published." Bishop McCormack did not respond at all to MacRae's inquiry, and that ...

Remigius Retired, Soosai Named Kottar Bishop CATHOLIC-HIERARCHY NEWS - May 20, 2017 Bishop Peter Remigius retired and Bishop-elect Nazarene Soosai was named Bishop of Kottar, India .

Gregorio Retired, Ulep Named Batanes Prelate CATHOLIC-HIERARCHY NEWS - May 20, 2017 Bishop Camilo Diaz Gregorio retired and Bishop-elect Danilo B. Ulep was named Prelate of Batanes, Philippines .

Bianchini Retired, Morrissey Named Geraldton Bishop CATHOLIC-HIERARCHY NEWS - May 15, 2017 Bishop Justin Joseph Bianchini retired and Bishop-elect Michael Morrissey was named Bishop of Geraldton, Australia .

A Plea for SSPX MEDICAL MATINS - May 15, 2017 ... cardinal, church scandal and church document, and they will remark on what each one has said about each other one. Honestly, I don't know what Cardinal Sarah said last Tuesday or that such-and-such did an irregular thing and now has such-and-such canonical status. Not that it's bad to care about these things. The Church is the way to salvation and the mother of souls. Of course Church happenings matter. But I don't keep track of a lot of them. However, there is something that is near to my ...

You Cannot Pass on What You Do Not Have—Fifth Sunday of Easter (Cycle A) IS MY PHYLACTERY SHOWING? - May 14, 2017 ... are ordained to the diaconate and priesthood. So you see that a deacon's role was then similar to what it is now. We serve in outreach ministries. We preach. We baptize. But what's most important for anyone in Holy Orders is to witness to the gospel. That is our strongest tool of evangelization—to be Jesus' hands and feet in the world, to represent for Christ. And guess what? Witnessing to the gospel is not just our responsibility. It's yours as well. All of the faithful are obligated to ...

Haring Retired, Félix Da Silva Named Limoeiro Do Norte Bishop CATHOLIC-HIERARCHY NEWS - May 10, 2017 Bishop José Haring, O.F.M. retired and Bishop-elect André Vital Félix da Silva, S.C.I. was named Bishop of Limoeiro do Norte, Ceara, Brazil .

The Melkite Church After the Loss of Its Patriarch BYZANTINE, TEXAS - May 8, 2017

Nguyên Văn Trâm Retired, Nguyên Hong Son Succeeded As Bà Rịa Bishop CATHOLIC-HIERARCHY NEWS - May 6, 2017 Bishop Thomas Nguyên Văn Trâm retired and Bishop Emmanuel Nguyên Hong Son succeeded as Bishop of Bà Rịa, Viet Nam . Bishop Nguyên Hong Son had been serving as Coadjutor Bishop of the same diocese.

Juretzko Retired, Lontsié-Keuné Named Yokadouma Bishop CATHOLIC-HIERARCHY NEWS - April 25, 2017 Bishop Eugeniusz Juretzko, O.M.I. retired and Bishop-elect Paul Lontsié-Keuné was named Bishop of Yokadouma, Cameroon .

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