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Pentecost Photopost 2017 NEW LITURGICAL MOVEMENT - June 9, 2017 ... coming of the Holy Spirit. Our next photopost will be for Corpus Christi; a reminder will be posted early next week. Evangelize through beauty. St Theresa's Church - Hong Kong Fr Francis Li, chaplain emeritus of the Tridentine Community of Hong Kong, celebrated a Solemn Mass on the occasion of his 90th birthday and 60th anniversary of priestly ordination. (His grand-nephew, Fr. Bosco Han, served as subdeacon.) Holy Innocents - New York City (Mass of the Vigil) Holy Redeemer - Diocese of Cubao, ...

On 50th Anniversary of Catholic Charismatic Renewal, Francis Focuses on "Reconciled Diversity" WHERE THE RUBBER HITS THE ROAD - June 6, 2017 On 50th anniversary of Catholic Charismatic Renewal, Francis focuses on "reconciled diversity" – Catholic World Report

Saint Norbert of Xanten, Bishop and Founder BIG C CATHOLICS - June 5, 2017

2017.06.03 Pentecost Vigil IN GOD'S COMPANY 2 - June 4, 2017 Streamed live on Jun 3, 2017 INTERNATIONAL SOUND Pope Francis takes part in the Pentecost Vigil organized by the Catholic Charismatic Renewal.

In Rome, Catholic Charismatic Renewal to Celebrate 50 Years EWTN NEWS - WORLD CATHOLIC NEWS - May 30, 2017 Rome, Italy, May 30, 2017 / 03:09 pm ( EWTN News/CNA ).- Some 30,000 followers of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal will be in Rome this week to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the movement with meetings and Mass, culminating in a prayer vigil led by Pope Francis in the Circus Maximus.

The New Pentecost THAT THE BONES YOU HAVE CRUSHED MAY THRILL - May 22, 2017 I think we can all agree this is what it was like. Though I suppose nobody had a tape recorder at the time. But let's not let that get in the way of the charismatic renewal embraced by various dioceses.

Thursday, May 18, 2017 FR. CARMEN MELE, O.P.: TODAY'S HOMILETTE - May 17, 2017

"For You Are My God" A SPIRITUAL JOURNEY - May 14, 2017 In my charismatic renewal days, I heard and learned the song "For You Are My God" by John Foley, SJ. For me, it is one of the most beautiful soul-stirring songs. The text based upon Psalm 16 of David accurately portrays my feeling toward God. It would be the perfect joyful song to play at my funeral. Here it is.

Unmasking Compromise THE CLOISTERED HEART - May 10, 2017

***Joy of the Holy Spirit A SPIRITUAL JOURNEY - May 8, 2017 ... charismatic renewal days 4 decades ago, all who prayed to be baptized in the Holy Spirit experienced amazing spiritual renewal and joy – we were on cloud 9! To repeat my own experiences, all unexpected, I received the gift of tears (pure joy), the yearning to know Christ which made the Gospels come alive, the urge to pray constantly, and an exuberant bubbling feeling throughout my upper body that lasted nonstop for several months. Overall, the spiritual ...

Can Catholics "Pray Over" People? Answering 3 Objections to the "Laying on of Hands" MARY PEARSON BLOG - May 5, 2017 ... arms in the air in order for the Israelites to defeat the Amalekites in battle. When his arms inevitably grow tired, Aaron and Hur have to come to his side to hold his arms for him, because when they drop, the Amalekites begin to win the battle. It seems so arbitrary (and how foolish they must have looked!). Surely God could've told Moses that all He needed to do was pray fervently and silently for the duration of the battle—but for whatever reason, that's not what God wanted. Even in ...

Prayer First, Action Second THE MARCO MINUTE - May 2, 2017 ... advocates I believe have unwittingly fallen into this trap. I am not calling all social justice advocates Marxist or atheists. What I am saying instead is that it is more important to lead the poor to Christ than to merely feed them. True charity places its focus on Christ rather than on class warfare and Utopian, godless experiments. Lastly I want to challenge the misconception that prayer is inactive. Some people go even so far as to say that spending time in extensive prayer is selfish in ...

Sunday Sermon, April 23 -- Divine Mercy Sunday, the Indulgence and the Promise THE NEW THEOLOGICAL MOVEMENT - May 1, 2017

Utah Bishop Exhorts Faithful to Evangelization, Renewal EWTN NEWS - US CATHOLIC NEWS - April 28, 2017 Salt Lake City, Utah, Apr 28, 2017 / 01:08 am ( EWTN News/CNA ).- The Bishop of Salt Lake city has urged Utah's Catholics to be steeped in Catholic identity and to sow the Gospel's seed within the community, leaving their comfort zone behind.

ABCs of Gratitude Part 3 FRANCISCAN LIFE - April 28, 2017

Constant Renewal A SPIRITUAL JOURNEY - April 22, 2017 Every time we turn to God, we get a chance to abandon ourselves to him, to be cleansed by him, and to start anew again.

Resurrection Concert Series of Ukrainian Sacred Music NEW LITURGICAL MOVEMENT - April 18, 2017

Easter Sunday Collect Year A NEW HORIZONS - April 15, 2017 ... Lord's Resurrection, may through the renewal brought by Your Spirit, rise up in the light of life. In making this prayer tangible for during the week, the following reflection questions emerged: 1. What does the resurrection of the Lord really mean to me and for my life? 2. What will I do this week to show God my gratitude for His resurrection? 3. What is my attitude to my own death? 4 How does the Lord's Resurrection affect my attitude to my own death? 5. What is the path to ...

Easter 2017 He Is Risen. Alleluia! BIG C CATHOLICS - April 15, 2017

Spring Cleaning for the Digital Age MORE MEREDITH GOULD - April 11, 2017 Springtime! A time to celebrate renewal and growth. To celebrate freedom from bondage during Passover. To celebrate freedom from the tomb, real and symbolic, during Easter. To seek freedom from drek... What else do I do? Find out at my website: www.meredithgould.com

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