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Liturgy and the Totus Christus Καθολικός διάκονος - August 5, 2017

Mass Chat - Does Your Priest Omit Things From the Canon or Eucharistic Prayer? ABBEY ROADS - June 4, 2017 ... solid, very faithful. However, I've noticed he neglects the intercession for the Pope in the Eucharistic prayer, he says, "for your servant" and then "and your servants gathered here". This is the third time I noted the omission. I'm thinking he may not like Pope Francis, but I'm not sure. I just got that impression though. He is a young priest, very faithful as I said - 'says the black, does the red' except in the part of the Eucharistic prayer I mentioned. ...

Spiritual Communion ABBEY ROADS - June 1, 2017

Norms of Piety - J.M. Muntadas - A Plan for Everyday Living BOOK REVIEWS AND MORE - May 25, 2017 ... filiation Work Cheerfulness From the introduction the goal of this plan is to: "This fully personalized plan, the result of reflection, will enable us to accomplish more with the time we have available, and will help us to be realists. In this sense a plan of life expands in a practical way to embrace both the human and the spiritual. For a Christian, the full life is nothing more than human life itself lived in a Christian manner. Hence the importance of religious formation and of the ...