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St. Catherine of Siena, Dominican Doctor JEAN M. HEIMANN - April 29, 2017

Saint Anslem: Benedictine Monk and Doctor of the Church JEAN M. HEIMANN - April 21, 2017 ... existence. His Proslogium (Addition), advances the idea that God exists according to the human notion of a perfect being in whom nothing is lacking. In his greatest work, Cur Deus Homo (Why God Became Man) he views Christ's death in light of God's mercy and love. Some of the world's greatest theologians and philosophers have studied and extolled these works. St. Anselm (1033-1109) was born in Aosta, Italy, and died in Canterbury, England. The oldest child of an aristocratic family, his mother, ...

Conditions for Reconciliation and Unity CATHOLIC AMERICAN EYES IN KOREA - April 7, 2017 ... evil will always be close by. We often surrender to authority and look for security. In our busy life, the easiest thing is to follow the flow. When everything falls apart it's too late to do anything. We have to acknowledge our involvement. The second step is how am I to accept the other person's understanding of the situation. Our political behavior, is formed for the most part by our experiences in society, habits, and consequently not done alone . The way we act follows a person's ...

Genesis Notes: Hagar's Resume HAPPY CATHOLIC* - March 21, 2017

Pope Francis at Mass: Be Open, Receptive to God's Gifts CLERICAL WHISPERS - February 6, 2017