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Healing Prayer for Children ANGELS, WONDERS, AND MIRACLES OF FAITH - July 8, 2017

Mary Ellen Barrett on Homeschool Burnout - IHM Talk Notes TOTUS TUUS FAMILY & CATHOLIC HOMESCHOOL - July 3, 2017 ... comparing yourself to others, be happy for others. We all have a good life. * The cure is self-care. Take breaks and ease back into routine. When coming back to schoolwork start with science projects, museums, reading aloud. * Take vitamins, take naps, go on date nights, take a teacher service day, have quiet time with God. * If your burnout feels more serious, see a doctor. (From me - Homeschool moms, any mom in general...we all have tough days. We all need refreshment and Mary Ellen's talk ...

Memorial Day: Remembering the Dead and the Family Left Behind ASSOCIATION OF CATHOLIC BLOGGERS - May 29, 2017 ... thought I would use the power of my space to tell you about a fine young man who died serving his country in Vietnam. PFC Thomas Wayne Myers, born on March 9, 1943, was my next-door neighbor. I was just a child of 12 years old, on that warm Spring morning of May 27, 1969, when Tommy died at Dinh Tuong Province, Vietnam. Memories I remember being outside, playing by myself, when the Army car pulled up in front of the house, on Saturday, May 31st. It was Memorial Day weekend! ...

Product Review - Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Hand Soap Lemon Verbena BOOK REVIEWS AND MORE - May 16, 2017