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"Adore My Will" GOD IS AT WORK IN YOU! - May 6, 2015

The Wings to Fly: Thoughts About Honesty, Temperance and My Son Becoming an Eagle Scout MINNESOTA MOM - April 13, 2015 L et's start with the fun, exciting news: My son's Eagle Scout court of honor was yesterday! I have some nice photos from the day but won't be sharing them until tomorrow because our computer, annoyingly, keeps crashing when I try to access the files. This made assembling the Court of Honor slideshow quite stressful, but the coffee and Redd's hard cider saw me through. (It was a long weekend. We survived.) I'll try to share the slide show too 'cause it's a ...

Sunday Mass: Not an Option (Lent 2B) HOMILIES AND OCCASIONAL THOUGHTS - March 1, 2015