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They Asked Him to Leave CRISIS MAGAZINE - April 10, 2017 ... might possibly be a better solution for all? Why are they so afraid to allow the mother to have all the information regarding alternatives to abortion? Why would they ask the Lord, the gentle healer, to leave? You would think that those who claim to be "pro-woman" would be the most vocal, the most demanding of insuring that a woman receive all the information, all the help possible. You would think that they would be the most strident in protecting the female, both in and out ...

40 DAYS FOR LIFE: DAY 12: More Than Lord of the Rings DEACON FOR LIFE - March 12, 2017 Deacon John, When many people think of New Zealand, they know it as the place where the epic Lord of the Rings movies were filmed. The real story of New Zealand is the hope that Christians have in the midst of the radical secularization of their country. To counter this mindset, pro-life