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Saint Ignatius on Heresy, and the Capsizing Boat THE HERMENEUTIC OF CONTINUITY - July 31, 2017 On the feast of St Ignatius, I offer my prayers and good wishes to some great Jesuits. Just off the top of my head, I think of Fr Joseph Fessio SJ the founder of Ignatius Press which has not only published the English translations of various works of Cardinal Ratzinger/Pope Benedict, but has also given a break for good Catholic authors both of theology and of Catholic fiction. Then there is Fr Bob Spitzer SJ, with whom I studied in Rome many years ago, and Fr Paul Mankowski ...

From Shavout to Pentecost A CONCORD PASTOR COMMENTS - June 2, 2017

Prayer of the Day - The Angelus BOOK REVIEWS AND MORE - June 1, 2017

Forget-Me-Not-The-Have-Nots GIVE TONGUE - May 31, 2017 ... sprung up as the garden slumbered through the cold-ish season. I'd see the limp heads of dandelions in the pile of discarded vegetation, the delicate leafy greens that never bore flowers but whose vibrant alluring verdancy forgave their lack, the flora no one wanted though they were exquisitely beautiful. I determined that I would save them because this was not fair . These weeds had grown up in those bits of dirt, allowed to live brief lives unmolested until their yellow glory burst forth or ...