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Liturgical Obedience, the Imitation of Christ, and the Seductions of Autonomy FOUNTAIN OF ELIAS - July 23, 2017

When I hear an exclusivist humanism waxing indignant about the crimes ... AGAINST THE GRAIN - July 8, 2017 ... are or have been real and crying. Beyond this, what the anger is often doing for people is stopping their moral and spiritual growth because it's a tremendously effective resistance against it. For one thing, I feel good about myself because, whatever my minor imperfections, they pale into insignificance in face of the horrible deeds of those (communists or capitalists, white males or feminists, etc.). For another, I certainly don't need to bother about any insights I might gain from those ...

Sandro Magister: "After Four Cardinals, Six Laymen Speak. Who Knows If the Pope May at Least Listen to Them" MUSINGS OF A PERTINACIOUS PAPIST - April 24, 2017