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Tobit 12:1, 5-15, 20, Tobit 13: 2, 6-8, Mark 12:38-44 WHOM SHALL I SEND? SEND ME LORD - June 9, 2017 ... the Throne of Mercy and they bring back to us Your graces and blessing. They are Your Messengers who do not tire and do not sleep. Tobit was unaware until it was revealed to him by Raphael that God was taking into account all his good deeds in the face of great personal danger to himself. He was a man of faith, of courage, and a man of prayer. When Raphael finally revealed to the family who he was he also told them to praise and thank God who sent him to accompany Tobiah on his journey and to ...

Heart of Love, Heart of Mercy HEART OF A MOTHER - June 1, 2017

Mother of the Good Shepherd, Divina Pastora ABBEY ROADS - May 7, 2017

Our Lady of Fatima Novena 2017 Day 1 BIG C CATHOLICS - May 3, 2017

Recommended to St Joseph COMMUNIO - May 2, 2017 ... all. Our Lord would have us understand that as He was subject to St. Joseph on earth—for St. Joseph, bearing the title of father and being His guardian, could command Him—so now in Heaven Our Lord grants all his petitions. I have asked others to recommend themselves to St. Joseph, and they, too, know the same thing by experience . . ." Saint Teresa of Avila Autobiography, VI, ...

A Snapshot of a Dying Church THE NEW BEGINNING - April 30, 2017 ... changing diaper while mom was sitting in the pew. Symbolic of the state of the patriarchate. Related: No doubt the progressives at Pray Tell would laud it as the ideal Roman rite Mass by Nicholas ...

Gorsuch: Pro-Lifers Must Be So Proud PERSPECTIVE - April 23, 2017 ... effect, allowed the state of Arkansas to carry out its first execution in nearly 12 years. Ledell Lee was killed just before midnight Thursday, despite his legal team's herculean effort to persuade the high court to put off his execution so that he could pursue a potential innocence claim and demonstrate that he was intellectually disabled. Lee was still waging these legal battles because of what one lawyer described as the "abysmal representation" he'd received throughout most of the ...

The Divine Mercy Novena Starts on Good Friday SPIRITUAL WOMAN - April 12, 2017

St. Francis of Paola on Forgiving in Imitation of Christ BIG C CATHOLICS - April 1, 2017

Mar 30 - 4th Week of Lent - Thursday FATHER BILL DINGA'S BLOG - March 30, 2017

Knowing the Novena CATHOLIC LIGHT - RADICAL FAITH & TRUST - March 29, 2017 Knowing the Novena : "Succinctly, a novena is a nine-day period of private or public prayer to obtain special graces, to implore special favors, or make special petitions. (Novena is derived from the Latin novem, meaning nine.) As the definition suggests, the novena has always had more of a sense of urgency and neediness. In our liturgical usage, the …"

We're in Week Three of Lent CHOCOLATE FOR YOUR BRAIN! - March 22, 2017 Tuesday, I took all the petitions with me when I attended a healing mass celebrated by Father Dan O'Leary. If you read yesterday's piece, you got day one of his talks. Here's the podcast version of his Day 2 talk. Father Dan has many spiritual gifts, and one of them is his devotion to the sacrament of confession. I've seen him see a person leaving because the line was too long and stop

Christine Mohrmann (4) FR HUNWICKE'S MUTUAL ENRICHMENT - March 15, 2017 The ancient Romans were very legalistically minded. When they prayed to the Gods, they did their best to ensure that they covered everything; that they addressed the Gods by the right titles (and all of them) so that they could be assured that they were heard; that they asked for everything that they required so that an accidental omission would not frustrate their petitions. Christine Mohrmann

Praying Thoughtfully, From My Heart Καθολικός διάκονος - March 15, 2017

Annunciation Novena 2017 BIG C CATHOLICS - March 15, 2017

"If We Are to Enter the Church Day and Night and Implore God to Hear Our Prayers, How Careful Should..." INVICEM SUNT - March 12, 2017 "If we are to enter the church day and night and implore God to hear our prayers, how careful should we be to hear and grant the petitions of our neighbor in need." - St. John the Almoner (via twocrowns )

Novena to St. Joseph Begins JEAN M. HEIMANN - March 10, 2017

Tuesday, Lent I: "If You Forgive Men's Sins" MEETING CHRIST IN THE LITURGY - March 7, 2017 ... circumstances, the regular and appropriate prayer [the Lord's Prayer] is said first, as the foundation of further desires." 8 CCC ...


Catholic Church Dismisses 'Cult-Like' Abuser CLERICAL WHISPERS - February 26, 2017 ... Brisbane's Sacred Heart Convent at the time of the abuse, was not able to function as a priest after being excommunicated in 1970 when he married. He then moved to Victoria. But he remained an ordained Catholic priest until Pope Francis agreed to his dismissal, the most severe disciplinary measure in canon law that can be sought by a Catholic Church authority. Archbishop Coleridge has made eight petitions to the Holy See to dismiss priests convicted of child sex abuse or ...