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Selling Out the Gay Movement ... An Idiosyncratic Take on Things. ABBEY ROADS - June 28, 2015

Well, Hello Again! (a Daybook in May) PONDERED IN MY HEART - May 8, 2015

The Feast of St. George! ARE WE THERE YET? - April 23, 2015 Now here is a saint of mystery, legend, and glory. The popular story of St. George, passed down to us in the Golden Legend , has dragons and princesses running around, with our hero saving the day. This is the familiar tale and the origin of our saint's iconography, but, there are other legends of St. George, too. In one of the earliest legends , he's put to death, chopped up into little pieces, buried, and set on fire ~ three times ~ and ...

Rediscovering Saint Drogo of Sebourg CRISIS MAGAZINE - April 16, 2015 In the earliest edition of the Martyrologium Romanum approved by Pope Gregory XIII in 1584, as in every edition since, one finds a modest mention of "Saint Drogo, confessor" on the sixteenth day of April. Behind this humble reference stands a largely forgotten story that offers not only a fascinating window on rural and religious life in medieval Europe, but also an object lesson in Christian spiritual discipline and charity that challenges our contemporary perspective. ...