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Why I Enjoyed Trouble With the Curve ASSOCIATION OF CATHOLIC BLOGGERS - June 19, 2017 ... (at least not since I was about 14...), I wasn't sure if I'd like the movie or not, but I gave it a shot anyway. It's about a 20-something woman (Amy Adams) trying to reconnect with her aging baseball scout dad (Clint Eastwood) on what could be his last scouting trip. And though the premise is baseball-themed, it's not exactly about baseball... Continue ...

School's Out. Summer Fun. QUIET LIFE - June 15, 2017 Summer is here and school is out. I am recovering. As you know I do not think I am old. I look at people my age and think, they are pretty old. And then I realize I am their age. It's the weirdest thing I have ever experienced. This aging thing. At school I was nearly the oldest one. (At home where no one sees me...I am in denial) I was working for a 32 year old supervisor. Could be my

The Highs and Lows of CBS's "Life in Pieces." ASSOCIATION OF CATHOLIC BLOGGERS - June 10, 2017 ... of the comedy version of "Parenthood"? Except with the gimmick that this show is divided into four short stories per episode. Honestly, I don't think the premise is that much to be excited about. And some of the show's moral issues almost made me want to stop watching it. Yet, it had some surprising high points that made me really quite glad that I had watched it... Continue ...

Ganister Orthodox Foundation Growing Orthodox Missions BYZANTINE, TEXAS - June 7, 2017

Aging Is a Blessing A SPIRITUAL JOURNEY - May 24, 2017 In my younger days, I pushed myself as hard as I could when working out in a gym. Now, my foremost concern is not to risk any injury when I exercise, walk, or just get out of bed. Aging slows one down, but does make you turn to God more. In this way, you are wiser. At last, a dreamer turns into a realist, and that should be one best thing that ever happened to you.

Aging Blessing A SPIRITUAL JOURNEY - May 17, 2017 Aging gives us no choice but to become more and more dependent upon others. Disregard your pride and you'll see that it is a blessing. True, physically, you'll need others to help you; but spiritually, here's finally your chance to abandon yourself totally in God's hands. A great time to enjoy God to the fullest!

The Fluffification of Science Programming DARWINCATHOLIC - April 26, 2017

The Importance of Celebrating Easter Repeatedly. REFLECTIONS AND RUMINATIONS - April 16, 2017 ... especially when the core of our belief is something that is strongly incongruent to the ways of contemporary thinking and philosophies. Yesterday, the Christian world celebrated once again the bedrock of our faith and belief – that Jesus Christ was raised from the dead after his brutal and ignominious crucifixion three days before on Golgotha, on the outskirts of Jerusalem. The celebration of Easter marks this momentous event, and we as Christians become terribly impoverished if we ...

Feeling Every Bit of 46 ... Ugh! "A WINK AND A SMILE" - March 31, 2017

Do Not Attend Any Friday of Reparation Fish Fry During a Christ-Centered Lent Hosted by Any Catholic Parish's Dads' Club GOD IS AT WORK IN YOU! - March 31, 2017