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The Vigil of Pentecost According to Divine Worship in Oxford NEW LITURGICAL MOVEMENT - May 30, 2017

Communion at the Altar Rail TEA AT TRIANON - May 15, 2017

The Theology of the 1955 Solemn Liturgical Action of Good Friday NEW LITURGICAL MOVEMENT - April 12, 2017 ... Gelasian Sacramentary, and said in some medieval uses of the Mass of the Presanctified even into the 16th century. Here, however, it is said without any preamble (neither "Dominus vobiscum – Oremus" nor "Oremus. Flectamus genua. Levate."), and with the short conclusion. The celebrant is directed to stand in plano before the altar, as the book is held in front of him by a server, (rather than at the Missal on the Epistle side), and to keep his hands ...

The Theology of the Mass of the Presanctified NEW LITURGICAL MOVEMENT - April 7, 2017 ... incensing the Blessed Sacrament. When they arrive before the main altar, the deacon receives the Sacrament from the priest, takes It up to the altar, and unties the ribbon which holds the veil on the chalice. He then arranges the veil, without removing it from the chalice, in the same way that a chalice is set upon the altar for the celebration of Mass: another clear sign of the connection between the Mass and the death of Christ upon the Cross. The priest incenses the Sacrament once again, ...