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Seven Church Tour in Columbus VIDEO MELIORA, PROBOQUE; DETERIORA SEQUOR - March 17, 2015

Birds and Poems and Cloistered Sledding THE CLOISTERED HEART - March 6, 2015 Today I sit inside a snowglobe. I'd love to grab woolen mittens and a wooden sled and spend the day sliding until my face freezes and my hair cakes with ice. For me, such activity is no longer possible. For a "not so young woman" to attempt anything of the kind would be throwing not only caution, but also sanity to the wind. I can, however, toss aside "previous posting plans," and invite you to enjoy with me a bit of "virtual cloistered sledding." We can then spend a ...

Monks, Manes, and Moustaches LITURGY - January 28, 2015 Heads, feet, and hair seem to be essential to much religious practice. In the place of worship – Christian males: head uncovered, feet covered; Jewish males: head covered, feet covered; Muslim males: head covered, feet uncovered. Sikh: hair never cut. Buddhist monks and nuns: head fully shaved. Jewish (First Testament/Hebrew Bible) regulations about not cutting […]