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Developing the Thought of St John Paul... AUNTIE JOANNA WRITES - April 24, 2017 ... Britain's intellectual, evangelical New Ecclesial Movement Julie Mersey 7:00 pm The Challoner Room, Basement, 24 Golden Square, London, W1F 9JR Tube: Piccadilly Pizza & wine / juice served More info: ...

Short Take: Amityville Exorcism THE B-MOVIE CATECHISM - April 2, 2017

No Family Without a Holy Father GOD IS AT WORK IN YOU! - March 27, 2017

Global Gathering of Bishops in Northern England CLERICAL WHISPERS - February 23, 2017 ... seven countries with partnership links to the Diocese of Leeds in northern England will meet together for the first time next month. Bishop Nick Baines has invited the church leaders from Sri Lanka, Sudan, the USA, Tanzania, Sweden, Pakistan and Germany to spend ten days in the diocese. Bishop Nick said: "It will be a unique international conference - I'm not aware that any other diocese has done this before. We'll be celebrating the strength of global ...

¿Se dirá rumorología o cómo? Bueno, ya que son ... SECRETUM MEUM MIHI - February 13, 2017 ¿Se dirá rumorología o cómo? Bueno, ya que son varios los rumores, intentaremos sintetizar. 1- Vía Vox Cantoris, quién republica dos trinos del periodista Nick Donnelly en su cuenta de Twitter. El primero dice que hay "fuertes y persistentes rumores desde Roma de que los 4 cardenales privadamente han corregido al papa, si Él no responde irán en público". El segundo, "persistentes rumores de

CWR Knocks It Out of the Park Again! NEW LITURGICAL MOVEMENT - February 11, 2017

On Punching Nazis AGAINST THE GRAIN - January 23, 2017