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*lots of Keyboard Clacking* "Hum. Oh Dear." Adventures in Traveling, 2017 Edition... LIFE OF A CATHOLIC LIBRARIAN - August 15, 2017 ... period? Apparently not. "Tomorrow? Really?" "Yep. It's weather related." That really didn't fully answer the question, but I was too tired to dig for further details. "OK, well...put me on that one, please." She's still clacking away, while I text Mike to ask him to come back and get me. Suddenly, I had a painful thought: "What time did you say that flight was tomorrow?" "6 am!" She said that so brightly. I groaned. I deliberately had not booked the 6 am flight because it would have meant ...

Newark Archdiocese Defends Welcoming of LGBT Pilgrimage EWTN NEWS - US CATHOLIC NEWS - June 20, 2017 Newark, N.J., Jun 20, 2017 / 07:04 am ( EWTN News/CNA ).- Last month Cardinal Joseph Tobin of Newark welcomed a pilgrimage of self-identified LGBT pilgrims, with an archdiocesan spokesman saying it should be seen in the context of welcoming everyone, not as archdiocese sponsorship of the event.

Thompson Named Indianapolis Archbishop CATHOLIC-HIERARCHY NEWS - June 13, 2017 Archbishop-designate Charles Coleman Thompson was named Archbishop of Indianapolis, Indiana, USA . The archdiocese had been vacant since then-Archbishop Joseph William Tobin, C.SS.R. was named Archbishop of Newark, New Jersey in November 2016. Archbishop-designate Thompson had been serving as Bishop of Evansville .

The Prayer of Ordination. THE CITY AND THE WORLD - June 5, 2017

Ascension Thursday A CONCORD PASTOR COMMENTS - May 24, 2017 ... If you're bringing children to Mass with you, hints for helping them prepare to hear the Word are here . Tweet Subscribe to A Concord Pastor ...

Ascension Sunday or Ascension Thursday? BIG C CATHOLICS - May 21, 2017

For Communications Day, "Big Red" Seeks "Bridges," Not "Tunnels" WHISPERS IN THE LOGGIA - May 18, 2017 F our months into an experiment without precedent in American Catholic life, to speak of "the Cardinal-Archbishop of Newark" still takes some getting used to. And even more, when you've been around long enough to recall the relentless dumping on the place in which a certain late occupant of the chair across the Hudson took mountains of relish, the new state of things is all the more extraordinary. To be sure, the "Clash of the Titans" for which some partisans have ...

PREACH Thank You @danicasavonick . . . . . #dickpics #dick... CHESHICAT - May 12, 2017 PREACH thank you @danicasavonick . . . . . #dickpics #dick #eggplantfridays #eggplant #🍆 #capitalism #communism #socialism #economy #freemarket #badtheory (at Newark Downtown District)