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Pope Tells Nigerian Priests Accept Bishop or Be Suspended WHERE THE RUBBER HITS THE ROAD - June 10, 2017 Pope tells Nigerian priests accept bishop or be suspended National Catholic Reporter

Gingrich's Appointment As Vatican Ambassador Gets Mixed Reviews: One Noted Expert on U.S.-Vatican Relations Said Gingric WHERE THE RUBBER HITS THE ROAD - May 20, 2017 Gingrich's appointment as Vatican ambassador gets mixed reviews National Catholic Reporter

Over at the Register Today CHOCOLATE FOR YOUR BRAIN! - May 13, 2017 I dream of one day being a regular reporter/writer for a paper, but until then, I'll rejoice each time I make it onto the page of any paper. I've got an article over at the National Catholic Register, You Will Be Used, So Get Used to It. Please, share, like, leave a comment, tweet, or Google plus. I'd really appreciate it.

Whistleblowers Group Offers Cardinal Dolan Support, Criticism in the Way the Sex Abuse Scandals Have Been Handled WHERE THE RUBBER HITS THE ROAD - May 11, 2017 Whistleblowers group offers Cardinal Dolan support, criticism National Catholic Reporter

Mike Pence (Chairman of the National Space Council) - Creationist, Catholic or Both? CARIBBEAN CATHOLIC - May 5, 2017 As a Catholic I know that there are many Catholics who believe in Creation, as there are many who believe in Evolution. However, most of the Catholics that I know believe in both. That is to say that God Created, but most likely through evolution. To many non Catholic Scientific minded people, and atheists, Catholics are a type of Christian and Christians are closed minded and fools. Never mind that most of us Catholics believe in Scientific analysis. ...

Copts, Catholics Agree to End Rebaptisms BYZANTINE, TEXAS - April 29, 2017 Cairo ( National Catholic Reporter ) - Pope Francis' trip to Egypt was marked Friday, April 28, by a significant step forward in ecumenical relations between the Roman Catholic and Coptic Orthodox Churches. In a joint declaration signed April 28 by Francis and Coptic Pope Tawadros II of Alexandria during Francis' visit to the Orthodox St. Mark Cathedral in Cairo, the two churches agreed that they would not hold baptisms ...

Today's Golden Calf: Consumerism As Religion - WOW! The NCR Is Now Singing From the Pope JPII Songbook? Will Wonders Eve WHERE THE RUBBER HITS THE ROAD - April 26, 2017 Today's golden calf: consumerism as religion National Catholic Reporter

More Light on a Persistent Confusion MUSINGS OF A PERTINACIOUS PAPIST - April 11, 2017 ... objectively gravely immoral , but various factors can diminish or even remove subjective guilt. So while the situation itself is gravely sinful, the persons involved in it need not be in a state of mortal sin. This is why some of them can receive communion. The philosopher Rocco Buttiglione advances this interpretation. "Sexual relations outside of marriage are without doubt gravely contrary to the moral law. This was the case before Amoris Laetitia , this is still the case in Amoris Laetitia. ...

St. Francis Alliance Proclaims Protection of All God's Creatures WHERE THE RUBBER HITS THE ROAD - April 4, 2017 St. Francis Alliance proclaims protection of all God's creatures National Catholic Reporter

French TV Inquiry Accuses 25 Bishops of Abuse Cover-Ups WHERE THE RUBBER HITS THE ROAD - March 28, 2017 French TV inquiry accuses 25 bishops of abuse cover-ups National Catholic Reporter