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The GOOD SHEPHERD and the THIEF. 4th Sunday of Easter. GLORIA OLIVAE - May 6, 2017

Church of the Multiplication of Loaves and Fishes Re-Opened CLERICAL WHISPERS - February 19, 2017 ... this enemy is, ignoring the changes in the relations between Jews and Christians and not knowing the 'Nostra Aetatae'. These Jews were unaware of the many advances that have been made, they live in another world. On this day, we try to cultivate the friendship between Christians and Jews." H.E. Mons. GIUSEPPE LAZZAROTTO Apostolic Nuncio to Israel and Apostolic Delegate to Jerusalem and Palestine "It is important to go back to the origins, to the roots of our faith, to understand that the ...

Genesis 6:5-8; 7:1-5, 10, Psalm 29:1-4, 9-10, Mark 18:14-21 WHOM SHALL I SEND? SEND ME LORD - February 14, 2017