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IRL : How Bishop Eamonn Casey's Fall From Grace Came to Light CLERICAL WHISPERS - March 13, 2017 In May 1988, a man called Arthur Pennell confronted Bishop Eamonn Casey at the door of his residence in Galway. He said he was the partner of Annie Murphy in Connecticut and he was helping to bring up her son, Peter, who had been fathered by the bishop. "What are you prepared to do about it?" he asked. The Bishop of Galway refused to admit Peter was his son and turned him away. It was the start of a series of events that would see the popular bishop disgraced and forced ...

The Liberating Power of Fasting CATHOLIC LIGHT - RADICAL FAITH & TRUST - March 6, 2017 The Liberating Power of Fasting : "Do you wish your prayer to reach God? Give it two wings, fasting and almsgiving." -St. Augustine, Discourse on the Psalms "What happened to fast and abstinence in the Church in the United States?" This was the question Pope John Paul II asked Msgr. Charles M. Murphy, the former Dean of the Pontifical North American …"