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"The Strange Papacy of Pope Francis" MUNDABOR'S BLOG - September 3, 2014 From the blog "Call me Jorge", The Strange papacy of Pope Francis an impressively vast documentation on Pope Francis and his pontificate up to now. The extensive work (which I have not read yet, merely perused in some parts) comes from a good soul who appropriately calls himself Miles Christi (Soldier of Christ). It appears […]

Vocations: What Have Stats Got to Do With It? HUMBLEPIETY - July 16, 2014 ... one player made, and how many miles a man runs. Mueller of Germany's winning team ran the equivalent of two and a half marathons in the games he played! There are tables of stats on football websites, all designed to get us into the game! I must say stats do bore me slightly. A good game statistically could be 0-0 and a bore fest, a good game is not quantified by stats but the stats don't lie either! Should we take notice of stats? In sport we do and why, so as to improve the ...

7 Quick Takes the How to Save Money and Get Organized Edition! HOMESCHOOLING WITH JOY - July 11, 2014