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Friday in the Whitsun Embertide RECTA RATIO - June 9, 2017 Today is an Ember Day, a day of penace as we prepare for the major feast of Corpus Christi next Thursday and mark the transition of the season from Spring to Summer. We observe this and all Ember Days with extra prayer, almsgiving, fasting, and abstinence (today a little easier than Wednesday or Saturdaty, because it is Friday and we would be abstaining from meat anyway).

Death by Sunday Brioche or Love Beyond the Food GALACTIC CATHOLIC UNIVERSE - April 23, 2017 ... to upgrade my Catholicism to fasting from meat on all Fridays. If I can remember what day it is, I hope to repent for all the other times I have forgotten about abstaining on Fridays during Lent. The thing that is really cool though is that Christ loves me even though I forget. It's really not about the meat so much as the grace He wants to pour out on those that seek to follow his will. Abstaining and offering a small sacrifice conjoined with ...