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Real Music by Anthony Esolen HAPPY CATHOLIC* - March 14, 2017 ... music, it's hard to have a complete experience so a CD of 18 beautifully sung hymns is included with the book, though that is far from the complete number that Esolen examines.) He begins with the psalms and how many classic hymns have come from them. Then he looks at how the English poet would focus on a particular aspect of a psalm and develop it as a bit of theology for us to sing. I've loved these hymns for their rich imagery and meaning but never made the sorts of connections that Esolen ...

Homily for the 3rd Sunday in Lent, March 19, 2017, Year A BIG C CATHOLICS - March 12, 2017 ... Lansing ( Click here for today's readings ) If you've heard the soundtrack for the Broadway show Les Miserables you may remember a song sung by Fantine that is a lament. She sings a sad song to her lost youth, her lost innocence, her lost beauty. It reflects a song many of us have in our hearts as she sings: I had a dream that life would be So different than the hell I'm living, So different now than what it seemed, Now life has killed the ...

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