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Blood on the Red Star: The Martyrdom of Grand Duchess Elizabeth CRISIS MAGAZINE - October 27, 2014 ... Moscow to mark the accession of a new emperor. All was planned, but did not go according to plan, horribly so. In a stampede over 1300 people were crushed to death in what became known as the Khodynka Tragedy, with the blame for this leveled at Sergei. In any event, by then, his was a thankless task, trying to maintain order in a city that seemed to be in ceaseless pain as a new, very different, order was being born. Sergei was to be the emblem of all these woes, and, as a consequence, the ...

A Confirmation Activity - A "Be Sealed With the Holy Spirit" Foldable THE HILL COUNTRY HERMIT - October 21, 2014