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Mary Did You Know??? THE FIFTH COLUMN - December 11, 2015

One Million Rosaries to Defeat ISIS A CATHOLIC MOM IN HAWAII - December 8, 2015

October: Month of the Rosary PHAT CATHOLIC APOLOGETICS - November 10, 2015

Next: The Baiting of the Hooks GOD IS AT WORK IN YOU! - November 5, 2015 What an astonishing adventure with eternal consequences for every soul! New Advlent music, more Christology, Mariology, demonology, Holy Innocents, crucified souls, reparation, and the most powerful force in the universe: O let us come to, be wed to, unified with, remain always faithful, and adore Him, Christ our Lord! Go, Team. "By My Holy Face you will work WONDERS." ~ Jesus Christ THE OBLIGATIONS OF CHRIST'S VICTIM SOULS

Up Next: Christ's Way of the Cross, His Crucified Souls, and God's Most Holy Mother GOD IS AT WORK IN YOU! - November 3, 2015