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May 12: St. Leopold Mandic ABBEY ROADS - May 12, 2017 "A priest must die from apostolic hard work; there is no other death worthy of a priest." - St. Leopold Always an ardent student of Mariology, Padre Leopoldo wrote on a picture of the Blessed Virgin in 1927: "I. Fr. Leopoldo Mandie Zarevic. believe that the Blessed Virgin as Co-Redemptress of the human race is the moral cause of all grace - everything we receive comes from her fullness. "On one occasion he solemnly wrote: "The August Mother of God is in truth Co-Redemptress ...

The Annunciation: A Brief Theological Look CATHOLIC LIGHT - RADICAL FAITH & TRUST - March 25, 2017 The Annunciation: A Brief Theological Look : "The Annunciation begins to reveal the salvific plan God has for his people in announcing the coming of the God-man. Mariology begins to take shape and dogmas such as the Immaculate Conception guided by tradition are understood through the fullness of Christ's grace which dwells in Mary from her conception...."