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Immaculate Heart of Mary BATTLE BEADS BLOG - June 4, 2016

Coming: Restoration Theology for Every Soul Lesson #36 GOD IS AT WORK IN YOU! - May 14, 2016 ... Mercies' Work of Reparation, humanity's Restoration, Saint Joseph, the Catholic Special Forces, and a whole lot of possessed people in need of saving: this one is coming soon, for you for the sake of all, thanks be to God and His Immaculate Mother. Go, Team! Part 1 of Demonic Possession, Christ's Sacred Passion, and the Work of Reparation: click here. HE IS. Catholicism for Christ's properly maturing Catholics. Catholicism that isn't possessed by the demons. What wonders. ...

Remembering Pope St. John Paul II: Eleven Years Later TOM PERNA - April 2, 2016