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Sinful Flesh JUST THOMISM - December 9, 2014 Western theology has put together its theology together, felt it complete in its conceptual structure (even allowing for a great deal of problems, perhaps even intractable problems), and then looked down only to see that it needed to explain sinful flesh. This becomes unavoidable in Western Catholic Mariology, but reverberates though the whole of sacred doctrine.

7 Quick Takes About Food, Family and Rain! NOTLUKEWARM - October 24, 2014

October: Month of the Rosary PHAT CATHOLIC APOLOGETICS - October 21, 2014

Class Schedule CRUSADER MAXIMUS - August 27, 2014 ... Thursdays and Fridays are off! Woo! (Though surely to be consumed in some other way-such as reading and studying like a madman). For the curious, my classes are: Intro to Old Testament, Foundations: Theology and Practice of Ministry, Foundations: Religious Exp in Context, Ecclesiology and Mariology, and Christianity in the Middle East (especially relevant today IMO). Excited to get ...