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What a Wedding!! GOD IS AT WORK IN YOU! - August 11, 2015 ... the Holy Face of Jesus. Christology, Mariology, Demonology, the battle for precious, priceless, and immortal souls, treasonous priests, the Way of the Cross, the high altar, Almighty God's Work of Reparation to the Holy Face of Jesus, spectacular mystical transformations, a new era, superabundant graces, Holy Innocents, wedding attendants (St. Francis and St. Pio), the Last Supper, a surprise during the Consecration, the greatest Source of grace we have on earth, golden ...

Dedication of St. Mary Major ATONEMENTONLINE - August 4, 2015

Choosing Your Words SCELATA - July 23, 2015

To Be a Fly on a Wall in Winchester BYZANTINE, TEXAS - July 22, 2015

Video – 7 – Gospel of John and New Testament – Mariology for Everyone AIRMARIA.COM - June 28, 2015 Mariology for Everyone #7 ( 25 min) Play – Ave Maria! Dr. Miravalle gives a quick survey of the Biblical references to Mary in the New Testament from the Gospel of John to the Book of Revelation, including: – Wedding Feast of Cana – John 2:1-12 – – Jesus does what Mary asks – – Link to the start of his public ministry – John 19:26 – Woman Behold your Son – – Mary is given to humanity as mother – Acts ...

Immaculate Heart of Mary BATTLE BEADS BLOG - June 14, 2015

Video – 6 – Infancy Narrative, St. Matthew – Mariology for Everyone AIRMARIA.COM - May 26, 2015 Mariology for Everyone #6 ( 17 min) Play – Dr. Miravalle gives a quick survey of the Biblical references to Mary and the infancy of Jesus in the first few Chapters of the Gospel of Matthew, including: – Betrothal to Joseph – Visitation of Mary to St. Elizabeth – Unexplained pregnancy of Mary – The options presented to Joseph in response – Clarification by the angel – Joseph as the "just man" – Joseph, Icon of God the ...

"Mondays With Mary" – The Marian Section of My Personal Library TOM PERNA - May 18, 2015