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Class Schedule CRUSADER MAXIMUS - August 27, 2014 ... Thursdays and Fridays are off! Woo! (Though surely to be consumed in some other way-such as reading and studying like a madman). For the curious, my classes are: Intro to Old Testament, Foundations: Theology and Practice of Ministry, Foundations: Religious Exp in Context, Ecclesiology and Mariology, and Christianity in the Middle East (especially relevant today IMO). Excited to get ...

THE ASSUMPTION - The Catholic Church After the Storm at Sea. GLORIA OLIVAE - August 18, 2014

"Mondays With Mary" – My Five Favorite Marian Books TOM PERNA - July 28, 2014

One More Flipboard E-Zine by Yours Truly: New #Christian Martyrs VIVIFICAT! - July 23, 2014

The Gentle Presence MOUNT CARMEL - July 15, 2014 ... also seen as Patron of Carmelites. This is a medieval concept that implies a two-way relationship between lord and servant: the lord protected his servants; they in turn looked after his interests. Such a concept fitted admirably the Carmelite vision of Mary as one whom they loved and served, and who in turn protected them. Again, Mary is also Sister of Carmelites. The idea of Mary as Sister is found also in the first millennium, and it was introduced in the papal teaching by Paul VI. When we ...