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7 Quick Takes About Food, Family and Rain! NOTLUKEWARM - October 24, 2014

October: Month of the Rosary PHAT CATHOLIC APOLOGETICS - October 21, 2014

Class Schedule CRUSADER MAXIMUS - August 27, 2014 ... Thursdays and Fridays are off! Woo! (Though surely to be consumed in some other way-such as reading and studying like a madman). For the curious, my classes are: Intro to Old Testament, Foundations: Theology and Practice of Ministry, Foundations: Religious Exp in Context, Ecclesiology and Mariology, and Christianity in the Middle East (especially relevant today IMO). Excited to get ...

THE ASSUMPTION - The Catholic Church After the Storm at Sea. GLORIA OLIVAE - August 18, 2014

"Mondays With Mary" – My Five Favorite Marian Books TOM PERNA - July 28, 2014