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This One's for All Those Classy Nashville Predators Fans Out There Who Are Threatening to Turn Their Town Into Philadelp THECHURCHMILITANT - June 14, 2017 ... with the (New York) Rangers and LA and the big markets and Chicago and Detroit," the Pittsburgh Penguins Hall of Famer-turned-chairman recalled. So Lemieux pushed for the cap during the NHL's lost winter, well aware the ripple effects would include a rise in league parity at the potential expense of the dynasties that have been a part of the league since it started awarding the Stanley Cup nearly a century ago. The math was easy for Lemieux. Better to have 30ish solvent and competitive clubs ...

Striking at the Head ! GLORIA OLIVAE - May 29, 2017

D'Errico Named Malta Nuncio CATHOLIC-HIERARCHY NEWS - April 27, 2017 Archbishop Alessandro D'Errico was named Apostolic Nuncio to Malta . The post had been vacant since the retirement of Archbishop Mario Roberto Cassari in December 2016. Archbishoip D'Errico had been serving as Apostolic Nuncio to Croatia .

Don Bergoglio vs. Francisco Esta es la versión en español ... SECRETUM MEUM MIHI - April 2, 2017 Don Bergoglio vs. Francisco Esta es la versión en español de la columna de Sandro Magister aparecida hoy en la revista italiana L'Espresso, Pág. 57. La Hemos adaptado para que figure con el título original.DON BERGOGLIO VS. FRANCISCO Misión cumplida. Tras cuatro años de pontificado, éste es el balance que sacan los cardenales que han llevado a la elección de Jorge Mario Bergoglio como Papa. La

Oratory Canonically Established in Cincinnati NEW LITURGICAL MOVEMENT - March 31, 2017 ... begun in 2008 to completion. We are also grateful to both Archbishop Pilarczyk and Archbishop Schnurr for their continued support throughout these past nine years. We thank Fr. Mario, and all of those who supported us with their prayers, donations, and friendship all of these years. We are excited to begin this next chapter in our history.' The Most Rev. Dennis M. Schnurr, the Archbishop of Cincinnati, will offer a Mass on April 25, 2017 at Old St. Mary's Church in ...