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Keeping It All Together on August 15th PRINTED AS PREACHED - August 15, 2017

Self Image Remade in God's Vision FATHER JIM CHERN'S BLOG - August 15, 2017

Our Lady of Fatima and the 5 Secrets of Peace NUNBLOG - May 13, 2017 ... than ever. Not that Mary's message has changed over time. We can go back to the Gospels and find Mary's secrets of peace: personal peace, world peace. We find those secrets in Mary's example and in her words. Mary teaches us to think before we speak : At the greeting of the Archangel Gabriel, Mary "was troubled, and pondered what this greeting meant" (Lk 1:29). Mary did not react to Gabriel's inspired words calling her "full of grace"; she was not filled with euphoria or paralyzed with dread; ...