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Enjoy Faith, Fun, and Food With St. Elizabeth of Portugal TRAINING HAPPY HEARTS - July 2, 2017 ... oo /ö/ o, oo, ou, u, ui, oe, ough /ŭ/ u, ou /ū/ u /ü/ u, oo /oi/ oi /ow/ ou, ough plus: er, ir, ear, ar, or We'll also look for two-letter phonograms we might use (sh, gn, ng, and th) and, possibly, search out which consonant blends might help us form words (bl, gl, pl, sl, br, gr, pr, tr, sn, sp, st, and str). Then, we'll quickly recall some reminders of strategies : thinking of rhyming words (i.e. "pot", "lot", "bought", "sought", "tot", "brought", "thought", "fought", "rot", ...