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Life Issues Forum: Of Strollers and Walkers DEACON FOR LIFE - August 11, 2017 This edition of the Life Issues Forum is available in English and Spanish, and has been posted to our website. The Life Issues Forum is a bi-weekly column by Pro-Life Secretariat staff addressing the latest issues on the culture of life. Columns may be reprinted as they appear here (in full and without alteration) without further permission. In Christ,

*Choices of Living Our Life A SPIRITUAL JOURNEY - May 23, 2017 Broadly speaking, there are only two. First of all, life is never perfect, for things do not always go right for us. In fact, for some, life can be downright miserable. It is a no-brainer that we should want to live a most happy life forever after we die. Coming right down to it, we can either accept the offer of eternal life from Christ as he promised or turn him down and end up living the most ...