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Fulton Sheen's Wartime Prayer Book - Fulton J. Sheen BOOK REVIEWS AND MORE - May 11, 2016 ... terror attacks in Europe we need to be a people of prayer more than ever before. We can learn so much from this book written almost 75 years ago, and learn it from a man who devoted his life to prayer and teaching and was a Catholic pioneer in new media. I have been slowly dipping my feet in the waters of Fulton Sheen's works, I know many who love listening to his old radio broadcast or watching his TV appearances but I am still a person of the written word. This is the third book by Sheen ...

"Let Us Pray to the Lord to Help Us Be 'Infected' by His Mercy" - 12 Quotes From the Holy Father on Mercy and Forgivenes SCELATA - April 8, 2016

Happy Planner/ Plan for the Fam' #2 A NEW SPRINGTIME - March 4, 2016 I like to include inspirational quotes in my planner pages to give me a positive focus for the week! Since or Lenten meditation is "Transform", I picked this butterfly paper to decorate these pages. The wooden looking paper is to keep in my the Cross of Christ! I want our family plans to reflect both!

My World As Lent Begins KATHLEEN M. BASI - February 10, 2016 ... "The point isn't to make yourself miserable so can pat yourself on the back and think you're all holy. Use this time to do something that's going to make an impact on others." Lenten discipline: Focusing on mercy this year has me thinking all the time about my concrete, outward-directed words and actions. So I've decided that instead of piling on something new for Lent, I'm going to try to put some intellectual/spiritual muscle behind what I've already begun. I'm going to ...

Things to Do This Lent A CATHOLIC MOM IN HAWAII - February 8, 2016